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Coming to Australia…

Brett and I are getting more and more excited to bring the family down to Australia in March! (Trying not to think about the 14-hour flight with twin toddlers though. ;))

And I’m delighted to share that my first-ever official workshop in Australia is filling up fast.

If you’re making or on track for seven-figures or more, take a look at my Repower Workshop happening on March 14&15 at the beautiful Four Seasons Sydney.

It’s a unique leadership retreat for serious entrepreneurs who want an intimate environment to strategize and collaborate on their next level of success and impact

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Working with me in 2016…

When entrepreneurs reach a certain level, they often know it’s time for a new, and different kind of coach and mentor.

But what they want can differ.

Some want specific strategy and planning help throughout the year.

Some simply want an elite confidante who understands where they are and who they can talk with through opportunities and challenges.

Some want a boost stepping into greater impact and leadership.

And some understandably simply don’t want to be part of larger or highly publicized group programs anymore as they have achieved a greater level of success.

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"Higher Power" starts TODAY!

Are you in?
My brand new, in-depth course “7 Weeks to a Higher Power” starts TODAY, and our private discussion group is on fire!
You still have time to register here.
This is my exclusive, first-time-ever course on partnering with Spirit to co-create more peace, purpose, profits, and joy in your life. I’m so honored and grateful that so many women (and men) from all over the world have decided to join me on this transformative journey.

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3 Days to Register for Higher Power

Are you scared?




I was too. And then I reconnected with Spirit.

And it changed my life, and my business.

So it’s time for a success course of a different kind.

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Let's do 7 Weeks together…

Well, if you haven’t heard yet, here we go.
Officially announcing my NEW 7-week in-depth course on partnering with Spirit to co-create more peace, purpose, profits, and joy in your life. 
It’s what I’ve been creating based on the incredible response to our Revelation call. I hope you were able to listen to that call, since you registered for it. But if not, this new course is where we’re going to do some serious up-leveling together.
It starts next week, so I don’t want you to miss out. 

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Are You Plugged Into the Wrong Thing? By Ali Brown

Picture this… you are a beautiful, bright lamp, and as with most lamps, you have an electrical cord and plug. When we are born, we’re plugged into the right thing: It’s where we came from… The unlimited supply of Source/God/the Universe.

But as we grow and get older, the “world” teaches us to stop listening to our hearts, to ignore or control our feelings, and to only make decisions using our “rational” mind. We don’t even realize it, but our plug ends up shriveling and wiggling out of our Source socket.

We may end up plugging into other things; placing our faith in other things, like success, money, or status.

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You have until midnight to Elevate with us!

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally let go of everything that’s holding you back from stepping into your rightful place as a wise and wealthy woman?

Well, it starts with stepping UP… in fact, it starts with your decision to ELEVATE. But TODAY is the last day you can get in before we close our doors due to reaching capacity.

Come and let me lead you through an enlightening, year-long journey to ELEVATE your business and your life. I have helped thousands of burgeoning entrepreneurs grow their businesses and increase their incomes, and I can help you too!

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Join us: New Coaching Course starts tomorrow :)

I want 2014 to be the year that YOU attract more clients and make more money. And the good news is, there is still time left to join me for my new course that begins TOMORROW, Wed., Jan 8.

It’s called “90 Day Coaching Profit System: A Proven Plan for Six-to Seven-Figure Success”.

If you are a coach or want to grow a coaching business to incredibly profitable and fulfilling levels, make sure you don’t miss out on this one-time LIVE course with me.

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“Starting a Membership Program: Is it Right for YOUR Business?” by Ali Brown

Membership/continuity programs are very popular on the Web. The trend started years ago with book-of-the-month clubs, and today it’s the most popular way to sell products ranging from beauty supplies to wine (I’m in a wine club myself), and services ranging from personal fitness to coaching. You can make great money with membership/continuity programs, but it takes time and dedication.

Here’s how it works for you as a business owner: Jane or Joe joins your monthly membership or widget-of-the-month club, and that one purchase gives YOU recurring income. You will now get “automatic” sales from ONE purchase transaction instead of going back and trying to get folks to buy from you again and again.

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