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Working with me in 2016…

When entrepreneurs reach a certain level, they often know it’s time for a new, and different kind of coach and mentor.

But what they want can differ.

Some want specific strategy and planning help throughout the year.

Some simply want an elite confidante who understands where they are and who they can talk with through opportunities and challenges.

Some want a boost stepping into greater impact and leadership.

And some understandably simply don’t want to be part of larger or highly publicized group programs anymore as they have achieved a greater level of success.

These are exactly the women I specialize in working with.

And if this sounds like you, I have two opportunities available:


Right now I have the capacity to work with two more clients in my year-long Premier Client Group.

This is a unique opportunity, as the core of our relationship is working 1:1 together throughout the year, both on the phone and in person. The interaction with the incredible members of this collective is a bonus.

This is ideal if you would like support in achieving your goals with me by your side over the next 12 months.

It’s worth noting that over half my current clients are international, so it’s quite a diverse and exciting group of women leaders, with members flying in from Paris, London, Sydney, and Oslo. Industries range from coaching to tech to consulting to media.

Year-long membership is $50K. The average revenues for this group is currently well over the $1 million mark, however I will consider businesses on target for that soon if you have a strong track record.

If you are interested in applying, please complete the brief form on this page and a member of my team will reach out.


For a much lower investment I also offer private Strategy Days for those who may not want or need ongoing coaching. If you’d like work with me individually for a day, where we meet and focus 100% on your business growth strategy, this could be perfect for you.

While my year-long private coaching focuses on women making or on track for 7-8 figures in their business, I do take on startups for VIP Strategy Days if I feel they are a good fit.

As my spring is already filling up with new projects and travel, I have only three Strategy Day slots remaining at this time. So if this is something that interests you, please complete the brief form on this page and a member of my team will reach out.

And if you’d like to see testimonials from women entrepreneurs in my “coaching hall of fame”, this page has several listed here.

I hope you have a spectacular holiday. We are looking forward to quiet time with the family and refreshing for a wonderful 2016.

Love and success,

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