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How to create great DIY videos for your promotions…

When you watch a video that features someone who is engaging and genuine, doesn’t it captivate your attention?

And wouldn’t you like that person to be YOU?

If you are ready to use video to become an influencer and create a profitable brand in your field, then don’t miss my client Keri Murphy’s free webinar, Video Secrets Revealed Live.

I wanted to drop you a note about it today because it’s happening TOMORROW, June 16.

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Are you highly sensitive?

Are you a person who is very spiritual by nature, but you feel like you have to keep that part of you separate from your business success?

Well that’s most likely because you are what my client, Heather Dominick refers to as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur.

Not sure what that is? Watch Heather’s video to find out… and learn how you can use your HSE talents to support your business success.

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You have to get your hands on this…

Hello from Las Vegas! I’m here for a speaking engagement, but I just wanted to remind you about something…

If you missed my former client Lisa Sasevich’s dynamic webinar last week, where she walked everyone through her proven 6-figure teleseminar and webinar formula, you have one last chance to get your hands on it.

But hurry. The free replay is only available until TOMORROW, Thursday, July 24.

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The Feminine Spiritual Path to Power & Purpose—Free Webinar!

Do you want to use your gifts to make a difference in the world?
Do you want to be successful in ways that are aligned with your deepest
And, do you want to experience an intimate connection with a loving partner
while continuing to grow spiritually and become more fully and profoundly yourself?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, there’s an upcoming free global webinar that I know YOU WILL LOVE!

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Don't miss my free live webinar Thursday!

I’m writing to invite you to join the most powerful online training program I’ve ever created to help entrepreneurs promote and grow their business. And I’m going to walk you through it, step by step, on a free webinar this Thursday.
And I’m writing you as a courtesy as well, because it’s become so popular that we’re about to CLOSE the doors to new members.
My exclusive Elevate program gives you an entire year’s worth of business and marketing know-how, covering a solid plan of online and offline strategies, handed to you in easy-to-implement lessons.

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Why it's NOT simple to start a business right now…

If I could make you instantly feel relieved and energized about your business right now, would you let me? And can I do that for FREE? Yes?
Great! Years ago, when you wanted to start a business, things were pretty simple…
Your operations consisted of a storefront or office and a cash register. Your advertising plan was a good sign, a yellow-page ad, and perhaps posting flyers around town. These things cost money, but your plan wasn’t complicated.

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