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3 Days to Register for Higher Power

Are you scared?




I was too. And then I reconnected with Spirit.

And it changed my life, and my business.

So it’s time for a success course of a different kind.

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Let's do 7 Weeks together…

Well, if you haven’t heard yet, here we go.
Officially announcing my NEW 7-week in-depth course on partnering with Spirit to co-create more peace, purpose, profits, and joy in your life. 
It’s what I’ve been creating based on the incredible response to our Revelation call. I hope you were able to listen to that call, since you registered for it. But if not, this new course is where we’re going to do some serious up-leveling together.
It starts next week, so I don’t want you to miss out. 

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Revelation replay is ON…

Happy Mother’s Day ladies!

This is my first, so it’s a very special and spiritual day for me. I’m feeling so much love, appreciation, and gratitude. 

The outpouring of support following last Thursday’s teleseminar, “Revelation! 3 Keys to Honoring Your Highest Calling”, has brought me to tears several times already.

Thousands of women from all over the world listened live to my free call. If you missed it, you can access the replay here now.

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Are You Plugged Into the Wrong Thing? By Ali Brown

Picture this… you are a beautiful, bright lamp, and as with most lamps, you have an electrical cord and plug. When we are born, we’re plugged into the right thing: It’s where we came from… The unlimited supply of Source/God/the Universe.

But as we grow and get older, the “world” teaches us to stop listening to our hearts, to ignore or control our feelings, and to only make decisions using our “rational” mind. We don’t even realize it, but our plug ends up shriveling and wiggling out of our Source socket.

We may end up plugging into other things; placing our faith in other things, like success, money, or status.

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Tomorrow: Go big? Or go home? (I chose home…)

As I was growing my business, I heard from more than one mentor things like “Go BIG or go home.” Hmmm.

It kind of made me feel like my life wouldn’t even matter unless I did what seemed like BIG things. So I pushed and I pushed.

And, I went BIG. I did some great things. But I got so caught up in the BIGNESS, that eventually I realized this wasn’t the dream I originally had.

I was exhausted. So then, I decided to “go home”. By home what I mean is my Truth.

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How I made babies…

OK I’m sure you know “how” my twins happened. (If not, go ask anyone and they can likely explain to you.)

But what you may not realize is how long I waited for the right relationship in my life. I didn’t meet Brett until I was nearly 42.

And apparently these little souls couldn’t wait to get down here to grow and play with us. They appeared on our radar within a few months after our meeting, and were born last May as big, healthy, full-term twins. (I can’t believe Jordie and Maddie will be one year old soon!)

People are saying to me, “It’s amazing how much you’ve shifted because of the babies.

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On welfare, and lovin' it… (?!)

In 2010 I was invited to be on an ABC show called Secret Millionaire.
During the weeklong shoot, I was stripped of my identity, lived on welfare wages of $55, and volunteered in some emotional situations. And at the end of the week I gave away $100,000 to some really deserving people in my community. It was quite an experience.
When you watch that episode (which aired as the Season 2 Finale in 2011, which you can view on Amazon), you will see me transform before your eyes.
People ask me, “Wow Ali, was that experience hard for you?”
And they typically look stunned at my answer, which is…

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“Something is VERY wrong…”

“Something is VERY wrong…”

That’s the thought I had in early 2010, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I’d built a wildly successful business, I was making great money, I was living in a big house at the beach, I’d won several national awards, and I was reaching most all my goals.

I was building, building, building with all this masculine energy.

“Bigger, faster, now, more, world domination” kind of stuff.

My choice. It’s what I thought I wanted. And needed. 

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