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Love, tech, and Poo~Pourri…

Just a quick note to make sure you’ve caught the latest episodes of my Glambition® Radio, because we’ve had quite a string of fascinating guests and topics.

Time to download some free and instant on-the-go advice, inspiration, and revelation for the weekend!

I’m honored the show has now been recognized by both Inc. and Entrepreneur magazines as a must listen podcast for entrepreneurs. Glambition Radio is my favorite venture of all time.

These latest 6 episodes share powerful stories of amazing women founders, creators, and leaders, as well as some juicy solo shows from yours truly. 

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Suzy Batiz, Founder & CEO of Poo~Pourri — Glambition Radio Episode 120 with Ali Brown

She ignored her instincts and looked outside herself for happiness for the first four decades of her life. But overriding her intuition led to domestic abuse, failed businesses, and bankruptcy. It was Suzy Batiz’s second bankruptcy at age 40 that propelled her on a spiritual quest, where she rediscovered tapping into her own higher power for creativity and ideas.

It took her nine months to start Poo~Pourri — the ‘before-you-go’ toilet spray — and it was a slow beginning (she had to beg people people to take the product!). A year later she did $1 million in revenue, mostly by word of mouth.

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