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Join me tomorrow?

I’m hosting something special TOMORROW, and wanted to be sure you knew about it, as I haven’t done a personal free training in quite a while.

The topic is something that can dramatically change your coaching, consulting, or professional service business.

It can increase your revenues in a big way, very quickly.

And it’s incredibly simple to do (once you know the ins and outs).

And it’s something I’ve been doing for over a decade, but have returned to them being a big part of my model in the last few years as I grew tired of the ‘launch hamster wheel’.

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Simple offerings, big paydays…

After my twins were born, I was craving to dramatically simplify my business.

But it felt a bit scary, to be honest. While everyone else was raving about their 14-step marketing funnels and complex online programs, I took a “sharp right turn” and decided to focus solely on my love — and gift — of being a powerful coach and consultant.

One of the key elements I decided to highlight was “VIP Days”, which are simply one-day intensives done with individuals or small groups, in person or virtual.

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