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The clear agendas…

Well, the world’s not getting any less mad. Have you noticed? 

The last few years have been a wild ride for sure. And now it’s just getting weirder. And faster.

Yes, we know change is the only constant. 

But in 2022 we’re being assaulted by nonstop chaos and craziness – what’s up is down, and what’s down is up. 

Even things that were ‘obvious common sense’ just a few years ago have been radically redefined… or now can’t even be defined. 

(And there’s clear social engineering in place that dictates if we even simply question what’s going on, we don’t deserve a place in the conversation. Or even society.)

But here’s the important thing I want to point out today… 

Now every time we feel we finally get to a place that something is over, or something is finished, and we have the chance to exhale and move on… something else newer and more bizarre or heavy comes along to bonk us in the head. 

And we are… truly, madly, deeply… exhausted

Not only right now are we carrying the weight of our businesses and families, but also the immense heaviness of the world’s conscious collective. There’s more coming at us than any other generation before. 

But when we take a deep breath, and tune inward, we realize there’s only one agenda we need to focus on – the only one we have control over. 

And there’s no better place to do this than to gather IN PERSON with other purpose-driven women entrepreneurs, behind closed doors, at a very special gathering.

To focus on… 

  • Remembering who we really are and the power we DO have right now 
  • Ways to create the impact + transformation we long to see via our own organizations and resources
  • Discussing the insane change coming at us from all sides, and how to create pure power out of the chaos 
  • The immense opportunities that are ripe for the taking right now (which very few are seeing)
  • And so much more. 

On Wednesday + Thursday, November 2+3, 2022, I’m inviting back 60-80 established female entrepreneurial leaders to join me in Phoenix, AZ for a powerful two days to create… the new revolution. 

>>> Our priority notification list is now OPEN here, and I suggest – even if you’re just curious – you sign up now.

Once on this list, you’ll be first to know when full details are available to peruse and when registration officially opens. 

I’m thrilled to share, we already have dozens of seats filled via a private pre-sale for my members of The Trust as well as past clients and participants. Is a remaining seat for YOU? 

If you feel this may be what you’ve been craving, sign up here now. (I don’t send a ton of emails, and you’ll be glad you did.)


PS — This is the PERFECT event to attend with a colleague, friend, or clients, so please forward this email to other accomplished women you know. Those who are looking for something more intelligent, and much different

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