‘No Choice But to Own It’ with Suneera Madhani— Glambition® Radio Episode 293 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

‘No Choice But to Own It’ with Suneera Madhani— Glambition® Radio Episode 293 with Ali Brown

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She tried to ‘give away’ her brilliant idea dozens of times, but no one in her industry wanted it. So finally, Suneera Madhani did it herself. Today, her company Stax has a $1 BILLION valuation (and it’s the first women-led fintech company to do so). And all those guys who rejected her? They are now her partners. 😉


Suneera grew up in the U.S. with immigrant parents who were entrepreneurs out of necessity, where Suneera learned hard work and customer service firsthand – two traits that have led to her success today. She started in the payments industry immediately out of college, where she quickly saw that transactions and profit was being prioritized over people.


That’s when she had the idea to start a subscription-based credit card processing company. For one monthly fee, businesses could process all the customer transactions they wanted. After repeated rejection by both her bosses and others in the industry, Suneera finally decided in 2014 that if she wanted to see her idea come to fruition, she would have to do it herself. 


Stax is now one of America’s top 10 fastest-growing fintech companies doing integrated payments and payment processing for small and large businesses, processing over $23 billion in payments per year. (And I’m a client myself!)


Under Suneera’s leadership, Stax has catapulted from startup to Orlando’s first fintech unicorn, leading more than 250 employees and $100 million+ in recurring software revenue. Suneera has become a notable minority female entrepreneur, breaking countless statistics and raising over $500 million in venture capital.  


Suneera has been recognized as an honoree on Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list and is the recipient of EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year award. She has been featured in Bloomberg, Fortune, Inc, and more for her accomplishments not only in fintech but as a woman passionate about helping other women succeed through her platform at CEO School, a top business podcast.


On this episode of Glambition Radio, you’ll hear:

  • How Stax evolved from a concept in Suneera’s mind into a company valued at $1 billion in less than 8 years
  • The ONE thing she has done from the very beginning that she contributes to her massive success
  • Suneera’s advice on owning your superpower (I loved this!) 
  • Her passion for closing gender pay gaps and increasing diversity in her industry of fintech
  • And much more.

You’ll love Suneera’s passion and no-nonsense approach to entrepreneurship, workplace culture, and life!


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