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The Incredible Women Entrepreneurs of My Premier Group

NO HOLDS BARRED — that describes the incredible sessions and discussions we had behind closed doors last week at my private Premier Group meeting for Q4 2016. These women aren’t just entrepreneurs — they are LEADERS. Right now I am working with 13 incredible women, and half are international… from Australia, France, and the UK. They fly in for this opportunity several times a year because, quite simply, there’s nothing else like this in existence.

I have to say this meeting really raised the bar… we have networks being utilized and ideas being put into action in big, big ways… from venture capital connections in the medical industry to 7-figure coaching companies being doubled to flying to D.C. to help shift future politics. We had no-holds-barred discussions of leading boldly, stepping out more strongly, and using our networks to change the world. Right now women are needed more than ever; it’s no time to play small, and we need to hold each other higher.

At this meeting the nine in attendance were, from left to right, Dana Jacoby of DJI Consulting, Tara Marino of Tara Paris, Karen Knowler of High Vibrational Woman, Dr. Jill Wade of Relevance Health, Attorney Heather Quick of Quick Law Group, Heather Dominick of the Business Miracles movement, yours truly, Jill Maggiore of Red Balloon Social Media agency, Geeta Sidhu-Robb of Nosh Detox, and Chantelle Duffield of Studio Expansion.

The average revenues of my clients are well over a million dollars (and I helped 3 to break $1M last year). If you are interested in seeing if working with me in our group or privately is a fit for you, go to to see my coaching ‘hall of fame’ and complete the form there. xo

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