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The ONE course you should take this year…

This is my last email on this topic, but it’s warranted because this is the LAST DAY you can take advantage of what I feel is a spectacular and life-changing offer. You know, I have a new friend who is trying to get her work online into courses and programs, and she’s having a really hard time. Because she’s trying to shortcut learning how to really do it. It’s not uncommon. (There are many people trying to just model what they see others do, without taking time to simply learn a proven, step-by-step formula that WORKS.)

I told her, without hesitation, the best training she needs to jump on is Lisa Sasevich’s 6-Figure Telesminar and Webinar Sales System. And she needs to jump on it NOW before the best deal ends tonight.

(This course, by the way, was birthed in my 2009 mastermind when Lisa was a coaching client of mine! It was at our meeting in Maui, and there was also a midnight skinny-dip incident… but that’s another story.)

>> I know there are a lot of offers out there, but this is one I wanted to strongly bring to your attention, because if there was ONE course you should enroll in this year, this is it.

And right now not only do you get the spectacular course itself, but you also get $10,500 in very practical bonuses. (The Facebook marketing bonus tips alone are worth the cost of the course. And then there’s Lisa’s renowned live event as well.)

But enrollment shuts down TONGHT.

Lisa has given more of my clients and colleagues a proven system to turn their work into profitable teleseminars and webinars than anyone else.

Ok I know you get it now. And I’m done.

And so is this offer, which ends tonight.

At least take a look. You know it’s time to finally figure this stuff out.

Love and success,

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