The unsolicited feedback that ticked her off and changed her mission… - Glambition Radio

The unsolicited feedback that ticked her off and changed her mission…

I wanted to share this brand new episode of #GlambitionRadio, featuring a very special guest who will be joining us at ICONIC 3.0 in the fall… Cindy Eckert.

You may know she fought to get Addyi—the first FDA-approved drug for women with low libidos—out to market, and then sold the company that created it for $1 BILLION.

But then last year, she successfully sued to get it BACK.

Why? And then what happened?

I had to get Cindy Eckert (formerly Whitehead) back on the show, not only to explain what’s going on with her company, but also to update us on her unabashed mission to help make more women ‘really f—ing rich’. (Her phrase, and I love it.)

>>> But the story I loved most (and wasn’t aware of until this interview) was the shocking, unsolicited feedback Cindy received from a female attendee at a speaking event, and how it forever changed the way she introduces herself. I love her even more for this, and it revealed how messed up most women are about money in general.

(This is one of the reasons why I’m flying Cindy in to Phoenix this November as a special guest at my #ICONICwithAliBrown event. She’ll be leading us in a special ‘closed-door’ session on thinking bigger and doing BIG deals. More than ever, we are needed to take our missions to a grander scale. And right now we have only a handful of seats left for this private event, so have a look at

On the show, Cindy describes why it’s important to be singularly focused, and why she ignores industry formulas to instead follow her curiosity.

You’ll hear us discuss:

* The problem of women entrepreneurs thinking too small these days (and what’s distracting them from their true, ICONIC work in the world)

* How you can and should be creative and curious within your industry (and where Cindy went for customer service training with her team — I love this!)

* Why her investment strategy is to ‘make women really f—ing rich’ (and the incredible multiplier effect of this strategy)

You’re going to get a lot out of this episode. Head to Apple Podcasts and listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download it for later).

And both Cindy and I hope to see you at #ICONICwithAliBrown this fall.


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