Jessica Yellin, Former White House Correspondent + Author of ‘Savage News’ — Glambition Radio Episode 172 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Jessica Yellin, Former White House Correspondent + Author of ‘Savage News’ — Glambition Radio Episode 172 with Ali Brown

Jessica Yellin on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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Back when Jessica Yellin began her career in broadcast journalism, she stated at every opportunity: ‘My goal is to be a White House Correspondent.’ (Even when it garnered her some ‘Who do you think you are?’ looks.) And after working her way from local news to MSNBC, ABC, and then Good Morning America, she did it, becoming their official White House Correspondent in 2004. A few years later, she transitioned to CNN, and won Emmy, Gracie, and Peabody awards for journalism along the way.

On Glambition Radio, Jessica reveals how she built her powerful career by wearing her goals on her sleeve, and what inspired her to write her first novel, ‘Savage News’, which came out in April 2019. As described by Arianna Huffington: ‘If The Devil Wears Prada and Broadcast News had a love child, it would be this hilarious satire of the Washington circus.’

On #GlambitionRadio, Jessica shares why she chose to fictionalize her career in a novel, and the surprising reaction she’s heard from her readers. She also explains the massive gap in the way news is reported and shared today, and how she is disrupting the news industry today with her #NewsNotNoise campaign.

On today’s Glambition Radio, we also discuss:

*Why she pivoted from her role as GMA’s White House Correspondent to working for CNN — the outlet she calls the ‘assignment editor’ to the rest of the press. (She explains what she means during our interview. It was a brilliant career move.)

*The problem with the ‘outrage fatigue’ we experience from ongoing 24-hour news coverage everywhere we look, and how it actually keeps us from engaging around the most important issues that affect our world today

*Why there is a huge audience that wants to hear the news differently (I’m sure you can relate!) and why ‘news is ripe for disruption

*How she listened to her intuition when it was time to pivot, and what it feels like to follow her purpose in life by launching #NewsNotNoise

*The juicy little story of how Amy Schumer decided to announce her pregnancy using Jessica’s Instagram account to help gain more following for Jessica’s cause

*And we had a laugh over why women correspondents’ hairstyles are somehow such a big deal on broadcast news.

Listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download it for later). And make sure to buy a copy of Jessica’s novel, ‘Savage News’, wherever books are sold.



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Show Notes:

*Jessica’s Instagram, where she separates the news from the noise. You can learn more at

*Jessica’s Instagram Story that announced Amy Schumer’s pregnancy!

*The Wall Street Journal article that put Jessica back on my radar: Jessica Yellin Has Stories to Tell

*‘Broadcast News’, the movie that helped inspire Jessica’s career

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