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Time for a "sharp right turn"?

alikaraI’m so excited my Repower Workshop is filling up steadily, and with the RIGHT people for this intimate retreat!

We have women registered leading businesses and missions ranging from the high-six-figures into the multiple millions.

And here’s some exciting news: My good friend Kara Goldin, founder and CEO of HINT Water, will be joining us on Day 1 for an intimate discussion on her journey to success, and taking the occasional “sharp right turn”.

What’s a sharp right turn? Well, I first heard of this phrase from one of my advisors, Alan Weiss. Basically it’s when you see a huge opportunity that’s NOT straight ahead of you, but via a sharp turn—often into something unexpected.

It could be—among other things—changing things up to serve a new market, meet a new niche demand, create a new model, or switch your marketing channels.

During Kara’s impressive career in tech, she realized she was drinking up to 12 Diet Cokes a day! She felt like crap, but didn’t like drinking plain water. So she experimented making variations of water infused with real fruit. Her family loved it, and so did her friends, and she saw an opportunity to create something that just wasn’t out there at the time.

She had NO experience or even a clue about the beverage industry. She just figured it out, day by day.

Today, HINT Water is everywhere (you’ve likely seen it at your local Whole Foods and some Starbucks). But, most interestingly it’s the TOP beverage at Google, Facebook, and other forward thinking companies.

THIS is where her brilliance lies, and her “sharp right turn” can be identified: She decided early on to FOCUS her distribution on those huge customers instead of retail stores. It was an unheard of strategy at the time. But she knew she couldn’t go out and directly compete with the Coke and Pepsi “mafia” right off the bat. (Today she does, and she’ll tell you the whole story at Repower!)

Kara is one of Fortune’s “Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs,” and is one of Ernst and Young’s “Entrepreneurial Winning Women” (along with yours truly ;)). She’s also one of Forbes’ “40 Women to Watch Over 40”, and… you get the idea.

But best of all, she’s an all around laid back gal and super cool mom of four kids who I am proud to call a friend. You’re going to love our very interactive session.

Don’t miss this chance to meet and talk with Kara at REPOWER, as part of a powerful two days focused on the LEADERSHIP, STRATEGY, and COLLABORATION required for our next level of purpose.

Learn more and reserve your spot here, but don’t delay—we ARE filling up!

Please note a brief application will be required to ensure this is a good fit for where you are at with your business and career.

Love and success,

P.S. Do you know a cool LEADER who would benefit from Repower? If so please refer her (or him) to www.repowerworkshop.com. I’d be happy to consider them.

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