"Two entrepreneurs walk into a bar..." - Glambition Radio

"Two entrepreneurs walk into a bar…"

A few weeks ago I attended a cocktail party in Orange County with a date, and… as it usually happens at these things… the entrepreneurs in the room somehow magnetically gravitated toward each other and started talking.
(I am not sure if it’s because we find each other more interesting than other folks, or maybe it’s because sometimes we have a hard time talking to other people who “don’t get it?” ;))
Anywho, I became fascinated with a man who was sharing how he had started a large insurance company focusing on a specific market. I asked him curiously why he had started this business.
After a bit of conversation, I learned that not only did he not know much about insurance, but he didn’t even really care much about it. He simply saw a huge opportunity in a specific market, hired the expertise he needed, and created the business to fund his passions elsewhere. (He loved golf, flying, and travel.)
I thought, “Kudos to him for his foresight and clarity.”
And at the same time, I thought, “How interesting I’ve never heard a woman say anything similar. That she started a business to fund other passions.”
Among the thousands of women I’ve led and worked with, I’d say nearly 99% of them start a business that revolves around a personal passion, purpose, mission, or love. It is so important to them that they become ingrained in their business, and their business becomes an extension of who they are.
And the 13 luminary women leaders I’m interviewing starting TOMORROW on my FREE Feminine Edge teleseries are no exception.
You’ll hear them describe in detail why and how they got started in their businesses, and how their ventures are designed around their passions, their life, and the people they love.
And importantly, how they nurtured their businesses to high dollars while honoring their personal values. (<–This is the missing piece for so many women. You need to generate the bucks to make sure you don’t lose your dreams!) Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this. Remember it’s FREE to attend, and begins TOMORROW. Reserve your spot here now.
Love and success,

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