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"Faith and Family… or Financial Independence?…"

Many of us grow up thinking there has to be one or the other
You make a lot of money and lose your soul OR you stay true to your faith and family.
One of the reasons why we think this way is much of our world is stuck in the old paradigm of thinking. Especially when it comes to money and business.
Consider this… the “old” model for business was a masculine model. Business and life were separated. Work and home were clearly divided. (Just watch a few episodes of Mad Men and you’ll get this quite clearly.)
When women entered the workforce in greater and greater numbers, we were the ones to not quite understand why that was so. We work holistically, not in a rigidly segmented way. We were thinking of our happiness, our families, our fulfillment.
So we challenged the model. We changed it. We said “no more” and wanted to work in a way that brought meaning and joy to our lives.
The “old way” was a model we never fit into in the first place. Hence the huge uprising in female entrepreneurship.
Because finally, with all the opportunity before us, we now have the edge. We can have faith, family, and financial freedom, all together. Designing a business that creates an extraordinary life we choose.
In the pre-chats with several of the luminaries I’m featuring in my Feminine Edge teleseries, something in particular has been striking me.
They run their business with their values in order: Faith first, Family second, and Financial Freedom third. They may describe it differently, but they do it—in different ways, with different lives, and different businesses.
I’ve been so moved just by our pre-chats this week that I was brought to tears. So I can’t imagine how amazing these calls will be beginning next Tuesday. Please join me for the celebration, the recognition, the collaboration, the transformation. It’s time.
Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this. Remember it’s FREE to attend, and begins next Tuesday. Reserve your spot here now.
Love and success,

P.S. Because this is a coming-together celebration, we are also giving 20% of all profits from our optional VIP upgrade to joinFITE—a nonprofit helping women around the world empower themselves through entrepreneurship via microloans. You can see what we’re doing here.
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