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When you’re ‘the smartest person’ in the room…

You know what they say about feeling like the smartest person in the room… it means you’re in the wrong room!

I hear this from many women at all levels of business, after they attend one of ‘those’ networking events or ‘those’ kind of masterminds. It may end up being a fun experience and you make a few girlfriends, but you don’t really gain anything new. 

There will always be one last meeting you walk out of and think, ‘I can’t believe I shaved my legs for this’. 

Maybe these groups have served you well for several years, but you’re feeling called to a new tribe operating at a higher level. 

We’re hearing this more and more, especially at this time with the world changing so quickly. There is a ‘quickening’ happening now in 2022, and those who are called are feeling it deeply with a sense of urgency. 

So where do you go? Especially when you’ve reached the higher revenue marks? 

THIS is one of the reasons I created The Trust.

One of many impactful benefits of joining The Trust is the access and exposure to dozens of female leaders whose revenues place them within the TOP 2% of ALL women entrepreneurs in the nation!

In fact, the annual revenues of our members averages around $5M+.

These women also represent a variety of industries — from beauty to biotech to publishing to real estate development… and more. And many of them have shared with me privately that at many times in their career they felt like that ‘smartest person in the room’. It can feel very isolating.

“I’ve met women through The Trust I never would’ve had the opportunity to engage with or to chat with, who have transformed me as a business owner, a wife, a mother, and a woman. And I think that’s really what’s powerful.”

Tanya Dalton
Founder + CEO of inkWELL Press

The number-one thing we hear when women are first introduced to The Trust  is, ‘I had no idea a room like this existed.’ This level of conversation, the caliber of women leaders in the room, and the concepts we cover don’t happen anywhere else.

Being in a safe space with diverse, intelligent leaders is an uncommon and powerful opportunity these days. So what are you waiting for? Apply to join us at our next LIVE meeting in Miami Beach on Feb. 22+23!

If your business currently generates revenues over the $1M mark (our minimum to qualify), inquire now by going to JoinTheTrust.org

Remember our LIVE meetings are just ONE of the many benefits of this extraordinary community we’ve curated. From virtual programming to our proprietary app to stay connected, there’s so much more to share with you.


Ali Brown, Founder
The Trust

PS — If you’re not quite at $1M yet, but have a client or colleague who is, would you like to nominate her for The Trust? Just send her to JointheTrust.org so we can connect —  we’d love to consider her for membership. 

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