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Can I challenge you?

You’ve probably been spending the past few weeks pushing into the objectives you’ve planned out for your business (and life) in 2022.

And while things may be flowing along nicely, I bet there’s also at least one big challenge you may be facing.

Maybe it’s a problem you keep trying to solve, or a question you keep trying to find the answer to. And it’s something you just keep bumping up against repeatedly right now.

What to do?

In the past, you’d think…. ‘Problem A needs Solution A’.

So you’d go seek the answer. Get the information. Hire the expert. Buy the course. Order the system. Buy the package. Join the coaching group.

But here’s where I want to challenge you.

Instead of doing exactly what you’ve always done, I want you to do something different.

>> 2022 (and beyond) is about multi-dimensional perspectives, approaches, and solutions.

I’ll give you a few quick ideas to try…

  • Ask a completely different question… one that hasn’t been asked before.
  • Consider a perspective you haven’t seen before.
  • View the challenge as an opportunity to take you somewhere new.
  • Flip your assumptions on their heads.
  • Make your default question irrelevant. (More on this later.)

See where I’m going here?

[Left brain: Agggh. No. I don’t. What? This isn’t connecting dots. Does not compute. Must Google answer.]


Once you tap back into the creative superpowers you’ve had all along, you’ll experience the immense possibilities it opens up. And there will be no going back for your business, or your life.

And going through this process is SO exciting to witness live.

That’s why I’m hosting another LIVE Creative Strategy Workshop coming up in just a few months!

Join me here in Phoenix, AZ on April 6+7, 2022 for a two-day immersion like no other.

We’ll be reigniting our creative sparks among other brilliant business leaders — ones who understand that thriving in this new age requires a new, creative superpower.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I believe that creative thinking is the ONE skill set that will drastically change your experience and results in 2022 and beyond.

Learn more and sign up for our priority notification list – we’ll be releasing seats next week, and this way you’ll be first to get the full details.


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