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Which one did you BREAK yet?

Well it seems my latest episode of Glambition Radio on “The 5 BEST Rules to Break in 2015” was exactly what many of you needed to hear this week… IF you are moving to a higher level of business and leadership.

Here’s just a sampling of comments I have on my Facebook page regarding the show:

So just a reminder if you haven’t heard the show yet, why wait?

I’m giving you my 5 BEST rules to break in 2015 to fuel yourself and your business—and you can listen here right now. (Even better, subscribe for future episodes too!)

Many of the rules we learned growing up and in school (and even in corporate) to “be successful” were designed for us to be successful in those worlds. Not the world we create for ourselves as entrepreneurs.

In fact, many of those rules are the exact opposite of what we need to grow our business and with it, our own purpose. And then, once you get into the multiple six figures and higher, there will be more rules to break as you step into your next level of power.

My 5 rules to BREAK in 2015 will benefit you no matter what level entrepreneur you are, but I especially want you to pay attention if you’re already into the multiple six figures and into the seven figures.

Go here now to listen to this episode of Glambition Radio and get excited for a powerful 2015! (And even better, subscribe on iTunes for automatic new episodes as they are released.)

Love and success,

P.S. You can also access all my Glambition Radio shows from the past year with powerful guests like Lisa Oz, Amanda Steinberg, Linda Rottenberg, Jane Wurwand, Kate White, JJ Ramberg, Sue Wong, Tory Johnson, Alli Webb, and more.

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