Lori Crete, The Esthetician Mentor, this week on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Lori Crete, The Esthetician Mentor, this week on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

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The tragic events of 9-11 caused former flight attendant Lori Crete to change the direction of her life. She left a steady paycheck to pursue her dream of working for herself in the beauty industry, and now she’s The Esthetician Mentor. On this week’s episode of Glambition Radio, you’ll hear how Lori turned tragedy into an opportunity for change, and how her Six-Figure Esthetician System is transforming the lives of thousands of women in the beauty biz. 

Growing up, Lori had a fascination with “all things beauty”. When she was a little girl she played with her mom’s eye shadows and lipsticks, and when she was a teenager she took on the role of “official” family hairstylist. Never dreaming she could make a living at what she loved to do, she took a job as a flight attendant and worked for American Airlines for 13 years. But, after losing friends and colleagues on 9-11, Lori decided it was time for a big change in her life. 

Hear how Lori recovered from tragedy, changed her life, and found success on our Glambition Radio interview by clicking the play button at the top of this page.

While building her client base for her spa, Lori went through a lot of ups and downs. But, it cut deep when her former employees left her and used the tools and marketing secrets she had shared with them to start their own competing businesses. She took the betrayals as a sign that she had a lot to share, and seeing another opportunity for change, Lori became a mentor and coach to women in the beauty industry.

(Psst—Lori is also one of my prized private clients and a member of my special high-end group of entrepreneurs. So you’re going to love this episode!)

On this week’s Glambition Radio, you’ll find out what really grosses Lori out about the average salary of an esthetician (28K in a 3 trillion-dollar business!), why she got beat up online for telling people they could earn 100k a year, and how my work with Lori has changed the way she does business.

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