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Why you need to stop relying on marketing…

I want to address something I’m seeing everywhere right now, and that is complete online marketing panic.

>>> I did a Facebook LIVE on this, and you can watch it here.

Just one example: There have been several instances lately where online entrepreneurs have been blindsided by sudden changes in Facebook.

One minute they were getting good-enough leads for a few dollars each, then… the leads stopped coming. The ads stopped working. FB once again changed all its algorithms, rules, etc. And as you know, all FB ‘pages’ now also have crap organic reach. (Sigh…)

I am saddened, yet continually un-surprised by these revelations.

But it amazes me how many people are completely shell shocked.

Some have fast built their entire business around methods that could become obsolete at any given moment and over which they have no control. They’ve even spent tens of thousands of dollars in trainings to learn them, and now this information is worth nothing.

We are, in the end, only slaves to the emperors of social.

IF that’s our focus.

In 2015 I predicted this Online Launch Bubble was coming (see original blog post here), and now it’s getting more and more clear — those who are being hit the hardest are relying on pure marketing to drive their entire business.

Or they actually are realizing they don’t have… real positioning, real strategy, or… a real business! Ha.

But here’s the GIFT in all this…

This is forcing us to pay attention to doing our real work. Our great work. To find our unique ‘lane’ on our unique road. And to position ourselves in such a way that we are incomparable with anyone else, and where suddenly everything will come more easily.

You may have followed the formulas that worked for awhile but now not only do they not work, but they are getting you mixed up with all the others.

Have no fear, because this is EXACTLY what we are going to roll-up our sleeves and work on at ICONIC 2.0, November 7+8 in Phoenix.

If you’re ready to give yourself a huge advantage via a serious two-day positioning power-up, this advanced workshop for established women leaders is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Last year we sold out within 48 hours, and we are opening registration in TWO DAYS, but only to the Priority Notification list.

To ‘raise your hand’, go there or simply text ‘ICONIC’ to 480-485-2664.

This way you’ll be first to get all the details, and you can decide if it’s a fit for you.

Xo Ali

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