‘The Keys to Becoming ICONIC’ — Glambition Radio Episode 145 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

‘The Keys to Becoming ICONIC’ — Glambition Radio Episode 145 with Ali Brown

‘The Keys to Becoming ICONIC’ on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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Today I’m handing you a sneak preview of the content I’ll be leading at my upcoming workshop, ‘ICONIC with Ali Brown’, happening in Phoenix on November 7+8. (Learn more at www.IconicWithAliBrown.com) And I want you to listen closely… the advice enclosed within is CRITICAL to hear for those of you who are beyond the beginning years of your business.

In past episodes, I’ve addressed the online insanity and overflowing market saturation and noise we’re encountering in most every industry. And in this show, I’m going to show you how to not only position yourself way beyond that mess, but also how to start feeling into the powerful next chapter of your career. Listen now to this urgent information at www.GlambitionRadio.com.

On this solo episode of #GlambitionRadio, I share: 

* The epidemic of businesses (and especially coaches) who have become ‘focus-grouped contemporary.’ (I love this phrase lifted from the fashion industry. Essentially it means designed for the masses, safe, average, expected. No edge or advantage.)

* Why disrupting not only your industry but your own model is the key to your next big level of growth

* How beating your competition is the LAST objective you should be focusing on (this may be good news to many of you tired of ‘seeing too much’)

* Why SACRIFICE is the power behind any true ICON of her industry—but it’s not the kind of sacrifice you may be thinking you have to make

* What METRICS you need to stop counting if you’re not a mass market, consumer business

* How important this concept is and how to approach it: Purposeful Positioning > Purposeful Perception™

* What my Porsche salesman said that taught me about positioning a brand uniquely

* The second ‘dark night of the soul’ that many women entrepreneurs experience after reaching great success, and that happens right before their true, ICONIC work is birthed. (Oooo… this is a juicy one.)

This is one you don’t want to miss. Listen now or download for later at www.GlambitionRadio.com.

But note there is some time-sensitive information on this show as well…

If you meet the qualifications, I invite you to join me LIVE in November for ‘ICONIC with Ali Brown’.

This is an advanced workshop for established women leaders, and we will be maxed out at 80 seats. Last year we sold out within 48 hours, so if you are interested I suggest you get on the Priority Notification list at www.IconicWithAliBrown.com or simply text ‘ICONIC’ to (480) 485-2664.

Enjoy, and if you like this episode please share with your community!

Xo Ali

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