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"7-Figures Saved My Soul…"

What I’m about to share here may surprise you, shock you, or at least get you to think differently about your current situation.
When I was selecting my lineup of luminary women for my “Feminine Edge” teleseries, there were several qualifications I insisted on. I wanted to feature leaders who had nurtured a thriving business while also creating a life they loved. That’s part of the beauty and meaning we are bringing to business as women. But I also insisted that these women had reached at least 7-figures in their business.
That may lead you to think, “But WHY the 7-figure mark, Ali? Is it all about the money?”
Yes and no. Here’s why…
In my own experience, as well as personally working with hundreds of women entrepreneurs over the past several years, it’s breaking through the 7-figure level that requires women to work through their biggest personal hurdles.
For women, business is personal. This is our vehicle to discover who we are and what we are made of.
For me personally, it’s when I reconnected with God in a big way, and I had to tap into my faith so strongly, that it was more of a soul journey than anything else. The money is just a great byproduct. It’s going through the process of BECOMING that level of entrepreneur…that level of leader… that I see women truly become who they are meant to be in this world.
I first heard from Jim Rohn that you don’t become a millionaire for the million dollars. You become a millionaire for the person you become in the process. You have to dig deep to discover who you are.
For women to grow a 7-figure business, you have to seriously figure out how to do it without killing yourself, turning into a man, or sacrificing your most precious values.
So how do you do it?
You’re going to hear how from 13 of the best and brightest luminaries I know—from money masters to spiritual leaders—for my new, FREE teleseries that runs next Tuesday to Thursday.
The best part? All my guest luminaries have embraced their Feminine Edge to step into success and leadership with a greater purpose.
Remember, “The Feminine Edge” is FREE to attend for all three days, so register now before you forget—it all starts TUESDAY, June 26.
Love and success,

P.S. Because this is a coming-together celebration, we are also giving 20% of all profits from our optional VIP upgrade to joinFITE—a nonprofit helping women around the world empower themselves through entrepreneurship via microloans. You can see what we’re doing here.
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