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"Who Do These Women Think They Are?…"

While women are starting businesses now in droves—in fact at a faster rate than men are—it’s not every day you meet a 7- or 8-figure female entrepreneur. And it’s surely not every day you get to receive their advice on how to build a fantastic business and life that honors your values and family.
That’s why I wanted to bring together 13 of the best and brightest luminaries I know—from money masters to spiritual leaders—for my new, FREE teleseries called The Feminine Edge”.
The response we’re receiving to this collaboration is simply heartwarming. It seems so many of you are ready to hear what it really takes to nurture a business that nurtures your soul—and your bank account too!
It’s a sad fact that only 3% of all women-owned businesses in the U.S. reach $1 million or more in revenues. Based on my research, I believe the women who don’t grow their ventures to this level (or even try to) simply feel it’s too hard to reach that level without killing themselves and dishonoring who they are. We don’t want to “sell out” for success.
If you are thinking this way, you’re right to be concerned, but you’re stuck in an OLD paradigm—the masculine way of work. I’m here to tell you your success can look like whatever you want it to be! And these women saw that for themselves.
The best part? All my guest luminaries have all embraced their Feminine Edge to step into success and leadership with a greater purpose.

In The Feminine Edge, you’ll get expert advice from my special guests on:

– identifying and living your life purpose
– designing and growing a business you love
stepping into leadership in your life and career
– short-term and long-term wealth building strategies
wellness, vitality, and increasing your natural energy
– and much more.

Remember, “The Feminine Edge” is FREE to attend for all three days, so register now before you forget—it all starts TUESDAY, June 26.
Love and success,

P.S. Because this is a coming-together celebration, we are also giving20% of all profits from our optional VIP upgrade to joinFITE—a nonprofit helping women around the world empower themselves through entrepreneurship via microloans. You can see what we’re doing here.

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