Ask Ali - December 30, 2010 - Glambition Radio

Ask Ali – December 30, 2010

Ali, I’m starting a new business, and I know when you are marketing you are supposed to narrow down your target market. But my service truly could be used by anyone, anywhere! Why do I have to limit myself?

– Susie Smith

“Susie, thanks for such a short and sweet question that lends to a short and sweet answer. It may be true that anyone could use your service, and of course you would not turn away anyone who came to work with you or buy it. However, if you want your marketing to be more effective and easier, you MUST narrow down a target market. Your marketing will suddenly become easy, and your time, energy, and dollars will be concentrated for best results. You can fish for anything in the sea, but you’ll get a better catch when you know what you’re going after. When choosing a target market to focus on, consider who naturally gravitates to you and your services, who has immediate demand, and who has money to spend. Caution: This may take some trial and error. You can ask everyone to high heaven if they would pay for your service and they may say ‘yes’, but you don’t know for sure until people start pulling out their wallets. So get out there and start selling!” — Ali

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