Taking the Lead with Ag Consultant Sarah Beth Aubrey — Glambition® Radio Episode 278 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Taking the Lead with Ag Consultant Sarah Beth Aubrey — Glambition® Radio Episode 278 with Ali Brown

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When there’s something that needs to be done, and no one else is stepping up, it’s your shot. And that’s what Indiana native Sarah Beth Aubrey has done in the world of agriculture. When she witnessed even the larger ag corporations resisting coming together to work through climate issues with their farmers, she spotted an opportunity that couldn’t be missed. And the ‘IN Climate’ coalition was born 

You’ll hear on today’s #GlambitionRadio that Sarah Beth had a knack for entrepreneurship from an early age. She founded a natural meats business well before the trend emerged, started and sold a grant writing business (which is still running today), owns pedigreed show cows, and has even written two fiction novels! Today she is the leading advisor to global ag brands, helping them address some of today’s most critical issues in their industry. 

Sarah Beth shares how she harnessed her experience, expertise, and network to create the IN-Climate Coalition – the first network of agricultural organizations in Indiana dedicated to guiding the conversation around climate practices and policy – rather than sitting back and letting national organizations dictate their regulations and future.

On Glambition Radio, Sara Beth shares how she took inspired action to find the “bigger idea” under her already thriving business, how to harness the courage to be the one who steps up, and how to find and keep your seat at the table.

On this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How an afternoon boat ride in Florida with her husband turned into a ‘pissed off’ moment that *triggered* her to no longer play small (this was my favorite story EVER)
  • How she decided to go ahead and launch her big idea and got buy-in from a room full of leaders and stakeholders — without having it all “figured out”
    What it’s like being a female leader in such a male dominated industry 
  • Why finally “letting go” allowed her to evolve into a 7-figure business owner – without learning any new skills or additional networking (this was really good too)
  • And… we discuss when to decide it’s time to finally step away from a company or movement you’ve built. 

Best of all you’ll love Sarah Beth’s attitude, ‘ag’ sayings, and sense of fun – it’s been such a pleasure to get to know her personally as a client and now as a member of The Trust! 

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