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"Did You Catch My Feature on Portfolio.com?"

Have you ever checked out Portfolio.com? It’s a great site with many resources for small business owners.
I was honored to be featured last week in an article about my recent record-breaking launch for Elevate, my brand new online training program for entrepreneurs.
So cute the reporter titled it “It’s an Ali Brown Christmas!” In the interview, I  revealed why I decided to launch Elevate at this particular time of year. When most non-retail businesses shy away from holiday launches, we took things up a notch. In fact, we took it full throttle.
End result? It was my BIGGEST online launch ever, and you’ll find out why it worked so well in the article. I hope it gives you some ideas for your own business and launches too!
Go here now to read the article, and please leave a COMMENT underneath. I’d like the folks at Portfolio.com to know how strong our community of entrepreneurs is!
Love and success,

P.S. Charter Memberships for Elevate are SOLD OUT. But if you’d like to be the first to learn more about general memberships when they open, please add your name to our waitlist here.

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