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[BONUS] “VIP Day Secrets” with Ali Brown and Kendall Summerhawk

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The topic of this bonus episode is something that can dramatically change your coaching, consulting, or professional service business.

It can increase your revenues in a big way, very quickly. And it’s incredibly simple to do (once you know the ins and outs).

And it’s something I’ve been doing for over a decade, but have returned to them being a big part of my model in the last few years as I grew tired of the ‘launch hamster wheel’.

They are “VIP days”, which are simply one-day intensives done with individuals or small groups, in person or virtual.

I’ve seen VIP days work in all kinds of categories: business coaching, life coaching, executive consulting, fitness, wellness… even fashion and style. And you DON’T need a large list or launch process to get started!

My good friend and long-term client Kendall SummerHawk has these VIP days down to a science, and teaches a super formula you can follow right away. And together, we hosted a complimentary training call where we shared how you can apply our behind-the-scenes VIP Day secrets to your business.

It was SO good that I decided to post it here so more people could hear it!

Come listen in for a fun and VERY content-packed conversation on how to offer lucrative VIP offerings.

Here’s what we covered on the call:

* Simple, low-tech ways to use VIP Days to solve the, ‘How do I create cash flow quickly?’ question

* How easily VIP Days can give you the laptop lifestyle you love, to work from anywhere in the world

* An hour-by-hour schedule you can use immediately for your own VIP Days

* How to deliver your expertise in a VIP Day (learn the 4 styles and which works best for you)

* Exactly how much $ you can charge for your VIP Day (and own your worth in the process)

* PLUS… even a bit of juicy dish on VIP Day mistakes you will definitely want to avoid! (You’ll have a laugh with us on this one.)

I promise you’re going to love what you learn! All content, no B.S. So head over to iTunes and listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download for later).

And if you’re SUPER interested in getting the full kit and caboodle on this topic, go to Kendall’s step-by-step program at www.NewVIPClients.com

Love and Success,



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P.S.  I’ve helped many clients add VIP Days to their business models and charge between $3K – $20K per day package, depending on their type of business, clients, and other factors. Why not you, too?

Come learn how you can add VIP days to your offerings — or improve your current VIP day model — on this BONUS episode of Glambition Radio.


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