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One more great speaking and selling resource for you…

G’day from Sydney! We are still here one more week before we stop over in Hawaii on the way home.

It was great to hear from all of you who let me know you appreciated that last resource I shared with you from my friend and past client Lisa Sasevich.

I also wanted to make sure you got your hands on her new short, free training titled “Exactly How To Build A Talk That Sells” that reveals the tips and tricks to make a presentation that will really speak to your audience and lead to incredible growth.

But best of all, it includes a special bonus, “The Speak-to-Sell Blueprint” (pictured here).

This formula will inspire your ideal clients to take action, whether it’s an on-the-spot sale or signing up for an in-office appointment or strategy session. It’s a must-have tool for your business.

If you speak to get business, or would like to simply learn how to have better conversations around what you offer, I highly recommend Lisa’s trainings.

(I’ve sent countless clients to Lisa over the years to learn her step-by-step processes for building your business with speaking, because simply, there’s no one better.)

And I can say myself, over my entire career, I’ve found there’s been no better way to get high quality clients than from speaking!

This free training will show you exactly how to use speaking to find new clients with less effort so you can get traction fast.

Discover now how to build a talk that sells.


Love and success,

P.S. Remember, the training itself will be helpful, but I really think you’ll like her special bonus, “The Speak-to-Sell Blueprint”, so grab it now.

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