Industry disruptors, saying no to Steve Jobs, and… moonshine!? - Glambition Radio

Industry disruptors, saying no to Steve Jobs, and… moonshine!?

This weekend is a great time to catch up on these recent episodes of Glambition® Radio.

We’re featuring incredible guests on the show this year, with even more big names and inspiring stories to come.

Powerful conversations. Disruptive models. Stories you’ll hardly believe.

Below are our latest episodes. Here’s a bit about each…

Kelly Roach – If you feel like the sea of saturation is drowning your voice, my client Kelly’s simple way of serving her clients and running her business is exactly what you need to hear right now. What I love about Kelly’s model is that it relies on intuition and human connection… and it works. On this episode of #GlambitionRadio, Kelly and I discuss why it’s time to forget the formulas and automation and ‘best practices’ (designed by the guys) and bring it back to interacting with real people and actually serving them — not yourself.

Beth Comstock – she was one of the most powerful women leaders in corporate America… until she was abruptly let go from G.E. About to publish her first book on the power of change, Beth had to walk her talk in a new way: open up to change, discover what was waiting, and give herself permission to take risks. She shares her very personal story on #GlambitionRadio (plus, that time she turned down a job offer from Steve Jobs twice, and that time Jack Welch hung up on her just to make a point!)

Raegan Moya-Jones – After building her $100-million baby blanket company from the ground up, Raegan had forever changed the lives of parents of newborns. But then last year, after taking on new VC partners, she was abruptly fired… from her own company. In this powerfully candid episode of #GlambitionRadio, Raegan doesn’t hold back. She opens up about the pain of having no say in the business she founded, her humble background, and her dramatic pivot into an exciting new venture (Hint: it’s literally moonshine!).

Angela Allison – Wine in a CAN. But a slim, cool, sexy can. Delivered to your door. Stay with me here. How do you know when an industry is due for disruption? And that your idea will really take off? In this episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll learn how Angela Allison decided to launch her unique subscription-based wine business, Wine Society, after a career that spanned from graphic design to nursing.

Jessica Rhodes – Want to get booked on podcasts? The time is now. If you want to be heard, podcasting is a must-have in your ongoing marketing plan. My client Jessica Rhodes saw the opportunity. She founded Interview Connections, the first-ever podcast booking agency, in 2013. On today’s episode of #GlambitionRadio, Jessica and I discuss not only how she capitalized on the podcasting market to build a successful agency, but also how YOU can leverage podcasting to increase your revenues and brand exposure.

Jean Chatzy – Most women weren’t raised to have frank, financial discussions or taught about how manage money. That’s why you MUST hear this #GlambitionRadio conversation with my new friend Jean Chatzky, the financial editor for NBC’s TODAY show and an award-winning financial journalist and author. Jean is the voice of reason we need in a world where women are building wealth and power, and need to build the chops to manage our money in a way that serves us, protects our families, and leads to the change this world needs.

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