Rebecca Minkoff, Fashion Designer + Founder of The Female Founder Collective — Glambition Radio Episode 169 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Rebecca Minkoff, Fashion Designer + Founder of The Female Founder Collective — Glambition Radio Episode 169 with Ali Brown

A cut-up t-shirt she designed in her apartment helped launch Rebecca Minkoff’s entire fashion empire over 20 years ago, and it’s still thriving. But I was even more interested in having RM herself on #GlambitionRadio to discuss her new venture designed to assist other female founders.

It started with a simple question to a VC firm who wanted her to invest: ‘May I see a list of your female-founded companies?’ When they couldn’t easily provide one, she knew it was an opportunity. She shares her brilliant solution and why it’s relevant more than ever on this inspiring episode on Glambition Radio.

Rebecca’s network of women mentors, supporters, and colleagues had always been instrumental in her success. And she knew that 82% of women are more likely to support female-founded brands… if only it was made easier to do so.

So Rebecca created the Female Founder Collective: a network and directory of businesses led by women and supporting women. You’ll hear Rebecca’s big plans for this collective — plus, how you can join and get involved — on #GlambitionRadio.

She also shares why she stopped hosting formal fashion shows and took a ‘sharp right turn’ (as I call it) to launch I Am Many. This powerful campaign is a far cry from the conventional runway show: It uses video to highlight diverse women’s stories, while promoting Rebecca’s latest fashion collections.

On today’s episode, we also discuss:

*The FULL story on how that first t-shirt ended up launching her entire business… and how it appeared on Jay Leno (without her!)

*The inspiration behind her first handbag (let’s all flash back to our Carrie Bradshaw days in NYC ;))

*The importance of scarcity in today’s market (and how you can use it to take calculated risks in your business)

*Rebecca’s advice for how — and when — to branch out (without diluting your brand or specialty)

*The silver lining to our current political climate (and how it galvanized Rebecca to think differently about her legacy)

*What happened when she asked her dad for a business loan.. and he said no!

*Why it felt “extraordinarily materialistic” to do fashion as usual… and how that led her to think differently

*Why Rebecca doesn’t splash her name or initials across her handbags and clothing (I love this)

Listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download it for later). And make sure to apply to join the Female Founder Collective now and become part of the movement.



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