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Kelly Roach, Business Growth Coach — Glambition Radio Episode 168 with Ali Brown

Kelly Roach on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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‘Nothing is worth this.’ That’s how my client Kelly Roach describes the moment she knew the madness had to stop. She had the launch plans, landing pages, and email funnels for her successful coaching business, but not only was it becoming less effective — she was burning out. On Glambition Radio, Kelly reveals how she threw out all the formulas, simplified everything, and created her ‘Live Launch’ model, which is working better than ever.

What I love about Kelly’s model is that it relies on intuition and human connection… and it works. Because although we’re plugged in 24/7, studies show that people feel more disconnected and alone than ever. It’s time to forget the formulas and automation and ‘best practices’ (designed by the guys) and bring it back to interacting with real people and actually serving them — not yourself.

And, you have to hear how Kelly’s prior corporate experience in a cutthroat, aggressive industry gave her the skills and tenacity to build her business.

On #GlambitionRadio, we also discuss:

*Why human connection is the new strategy (and how you can connect at scale from your living room and smartphone)

*How online marketing today is at ‘peak bullsh*t’ — and how you can stand out from the noise

*Why you need to think 10 years ahead of where you are today, and what you need to pull you toward the future (no more pushing)

*How an entire generation of well-intentioned ‘coaches’ are becoming irrelevant… because they’re abusing automation

*The problem with all the storytelling going on across industries

*Kelly’s #1 business growth strategy (this is not what you’re expecting and it’s SO important!)

*And… I pry into Kelly’s secret past as an NFL cheerleader and how it actually built a good business mindset.

If you feel like the sea of saturation is drowning your voice, Kelly’s simple way of serving her clients and running her business are exactly what you need to hear right now. As she puts it, ‘don’t underestimate the power of stripping everything away.’

Listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download it for later). And make sure to check out Kelly’s podcast, ‘Unstoppable Success Radio’ (I was honored to be a guest on episode 439) and Facebook Group, ‘Tribe of UNSTOPPABLES.’ 



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