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It’s exhausting to market “harder”…

When competition swarms around, it can be good in many ways, as it gets you to raise your game.

But inadvertently, it can keep you playing small … because then often your entire focus becomes marketing.

And that’s exhausting.


Because someone else will always have…

Cooler videos.
A larger following.
Greater exposure.
More cash to market.
Better ads.
More posts.
A larger team.
Lower prices.
More famous friends.

The list goes on.

And then suddenly you realize—you’ve been focused more on beating this game than doing YOUR ICONIC WORK.

And this, my friends, is an invitation.

Out of that pool of noise.

To elevate to your highest level of genius.

And truly start LEADING.

This fall, I’m inviting 80 women entrepreneurs to join me once again for a powerful two-day retreat to become no less than… ICONIC.

Because last year SOLD OUT within 48 hours of opening registration, I have a feeling seats won’t be available for long.

So, to be fair, I’m giving everyone a “heads up” and the opportunity to raise your hand for early notice when full information and registration goes live in the next few weeks.

Simply enter your info here and you’ll get on the PRIORITY NOTIFICATION list.

OR… text “ICONIC” to (480) 485-2664.

Even if you’re just curious, I highly recommend it. 

Meet you at the top. It’s less crowded up here.

(And the air is better.)

Xo Ali


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