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Jenny Fenig, Author of “Get Gutsy” on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

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My client Jenny Fenig was living the glitzy and glamorous dream of every young executive, complete with a six-figure income, high-powered job, and fantastic Manhattan apartment. So why did she give it all up? On this week’s episode of Glambition Radio, you’ll hear what made Jenny “Get Gutsy” and find her passion, her secret to earning more and working less, and why she’s decided to help women entrepreneurs find the courage they need to break free and find their true calling.

Jenny spent a decade climbing the corporate ladder, and it looked like she had it all. She broke the six-figure glass ceiling in her job as a conference producer, and was living with her husband in a luxury apartment overlooking the Hudson River. But, something was missing. She tried to fill the void with Coach bags and Happy Hours, but shopping and alcohol addictions weren’t the answer. And the long hours she put in at the office were suffocating. When a business trip to Las Vegas forced her to celebrate her 30th birthday alone in a hotel room, Jenny’s inner voice told her loud and clear that she wasn’t living the life she was supposed to live. And she vowed to make a career change.

Hear how Jenny’s inner voice and journey of self-discovery led to her success on our Glambition Radio interview by clicking the play button at the top of this page.

Jenny was terrified when she quit her job with no plan of what to do next. But, when she got away from the noise of the corporate world, she began to listen to her inner voice (and ignore her inner-critic!) She started teaching yoga, and rebuilt her life with a foundation of faith. When she gave herself permission to share her gifts with the rest of the world, she found her true calling. Today Jenny’s an online business owner, coach and author. Her latest book “Get Gutsy” is a fearless guide for women entrepreneurs, full of the steps they need to find the courage to move along their path, find their true calling and live their dreams.

(Jenny has been a client of mine since 2009. I knew when I met her that she was going to do some amazing things with her life – and I was right! You’re going to love listening to her story.)

On this episode of Glambition Radio, Jenny and I discuss the importance of a good “girl crew”, the need for a sacred space, and why you have to make friends with your fears.

I know you’ll get a lot out of this episode. You can listen to this episode of Glambition Radio by clicking the play button below. And if you want to hear my most recent episodes head over to iTunes to listen or subscribe for automatic updates.

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