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Your ICONIC 2019 on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

‘Your ICONIC 2019’ — Glambition Radio Episode 157 with Ali Brown

Let’s do this! There’s some powerful energy in the air for 2019 around creating what you REALLY want next. But there are some major moves you have to consider first to get there, and I’m sharing them with you on this special solo episode of #GlambitionRadio.

My first recommendation may surprise you, and that’s not what to take on, but what to let go of. And I give you my special secret formula to identify those things quickly. You can’t move into your true ICONIC work until you decide what’s NOT up to par for you anymore.

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The Stuff We Dont Talk About on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

‘The Stuff We Don’t Talk About’ — Glambition Radio Episode 153 with Ali Brown

We’re doing something different this week with a SHOW FLIP! A few weeks ago I appeared as a guest on my client Eleanor Beaton’s ‘Fierce Feminine Leadership’ podcast, and we got into such juicy stuff, I wanted to make sure you heard it right here. And here it is.

I am calling this episode ‘The Stuff We Don’t Talk About’, because it delves into much of the unspoken things we deal with as our success accelerates faster and reaches higher.

On this #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear us rant on topics such as:

* How too much information and too many courses are screwing with everyone’s heads and making them overthink everything with their business—and locking them into outdated models and revenue caps

* Why I decided to shut down many of my large training programs a few years ago, and instead dedicate time and space to get ‘reoriented’ back into my true genius work

* How Eleanor unbelievably got HATERS after explaining on her blog how she delegates email to an assistant.

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Eleanor Beaton, Women’s Leadership Expert — Glambition Radio Episode 135 with Ali Brown

Meet the woman who got hate mail for telling all you ladies to STOP saying ‘yes’ to all those coffee dates with everyone who just wants to suck your brain dry. It’s time we learn there’s a difference between being supportive of women versus saying ‘yes’ to everything and everyone. Because it keeps us from gaining more seats at the big tables where deals are made. And WE are desperately needed for higher leadership. Boom. We just said it. Get ready for a VERY real conversation on women’s leadership on Glambition Radio.

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