‘The Stuff We Don’t Talk About’ — Glambition Radio Episode 153 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

‘The Stuff We Don’t Talk About’ — Glambition Radio Episode 153 with Ali Brown

The Stuff We Dont Talk About on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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We’re doing something different this week with a SHOW FLIP! A few weeks ago I appeared as a guest on my client Eleanor Beaton’s ‘Fierce Feminine Leadership’ podcast, and we got into such juicy stuff, I wanted to make sure you heard it right here. And here it is.

I am calling this episode ‘The Stuff We Don’t Talk About’, because it delves into much of the unspoken things we deal with as our success accelerates faster and reaches higher.

On this #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear us rant on topics such as:

* How too much information and too many courses are screwing with everyone’s heads and making them overthink everything with their business—and locking them into outdated models and revenue caps

* Why I decided to shut down many of my large training programs a few years ago, and instead dedicate time and space to get ‘reoriented’ back into my true genius work

* How Eleanor unbelievably got HATERS after explaining on her blog how she delegates email to an assistant. (Think about this: Would that have happened if she was a man? Hint: No.)

* A great TIP on how to negate that weird “mom guilt” when you know it’s time to hire help around the house for your family. (But it’s gotta happen. For many of my clients who are the high earners of their families, this is an absolute non-negotiable.)

* How a Madonna concert I saw at age 13 changed my life forever

* Why change is messy, and you have to remember that in the middle of a lifesaving surgery it always looks like a murder

* Why I’ve always made sure my business growth follows my personal growth, and what happens when I ignore that

* And more.

***By the way, I was VERY free-flowing with my language on this interview so this is NOT one to listen to with the kids around, LOL! I was on fire.***

If you aren’t familiar with Eleanor, you should be. I consider her one of the foremost women’s leadership experts in North America today. When I first heard her teachings in 2015 as a guest on her podcast, I thought ‘Finally… someone is approaching this from a higher and extremely practical level’. And today, I’m honored she’s one of my ongoing Premier clients. (Who has quickly accelerated to a 7-figure business since she started working with me in 2017. Boom.)

Through her trainings, mentorships, and keynotes, Eleanor advises senior executive women on developing the skills they need to amplify their voices and take their seats at the tables where the big decisions are made. 

Eleanor will also be at my ICONIC 2.0 event happening here in Phoenix on November 7+8, 2018, so many of you will get to meet her in person. Waitlist at IconicWithAliBrown.com.

Enjoy, and if you liked this episode please share with your community!

Xo Ali

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