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Eleanor Beaton, Women’s Leadership Expert — Glambition Radio Episode 135 with Ali Brown

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Meet the woman who got hate mail for telling all you ladies to STOP saying ‘yes’ to all those coffee dates with everyone who just wants to suck your brain dry. It’s time we learn there’s a difference between being supportive of women versus saying ‘yes’ to everything and everyone. Because it keeps us from gaining more seats at the big tables where deals are made. And WE are desperately needed for higher leadership. Boom. We just said it. Get ready for a VERY real conversation on women’s leadership on Glambition Radio.

My client Eleanor Beaton is one of the foremost women’s leadership experts in North America today. When I first heard her teachings (in 2015 as a guest on her podcast), I thought “Finally… someone is approaching this from a higher and extremely practical level”. I followed her ever since. And today, I’m honored she’s one of my Premier clients. (Who also just broke her first million-dollar mark while working with me.)

She’s an award-winning journalist, speaker, executive coach, and host of the fabulous “Fierce, Feminine Leadership” podcast. Through her world-renowned trainings, mentorships, and international keynotes, Eleanor advises high-level women on developing the skills they need to amplify their voices and take their seats at the tables where the big decisions are made

After years of working with CEO’s on how to craft their messaging and communicate on an external level, Eleanor made a personal development shift into teaching communication and leadership strategies to powerhouse women and high-level teams that led to her becoming one of the top leadership experts for women today. She takes us through her inspiring journey on this episode of Glambition Radio.  

Eleanor has served as Chair of the Visiting Women’s Executive Exchange Program at the Yale School of Management, has won the prestigious Profiles in Diversity “Women Worth Watching” Award, and has presented at conferences whose other speakers have included Hillary Rodham Clinton and Oscar-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson. 

On this episode, Eleanor dives into powerful topics around women’s leadership and during much of our conversation we bring up the power behind saying NO. She also shares her experience of working with me and how as part of my premier group she is surrounded by an environment of high-level, successful women who are raising the bar and are not afraid to say no.

We need to exert our boundaries, prioritize our time, and preserve our strategic thinking and intuition, so we can support each other where it counts. She tells the whole story in our interview and you don’t want to miss it.

On the show, we also cover:

* why women need to STOP networking on their own level all the time and start making more powerful strategic connections 

* how being rooted in confidence is key to success when you’re making a big shift (stop doubting yourself, ladies)

* what Eleanor saw happening for women in high-level boardroom meetings (and knew she had to help make a change)

* why we need to unlearn some of the lessons we’ve been handing down to other women (and our daughters — this is so important)

* how to insert yourself into the important conversations (stop waiting to be acknowledged)

* why it’s true we have to master success from within the current (broken) business system – so we can push for great changes from the inside 

* why it’s not enough to just set the intention (we need to lean into the discomfort)

* why there are times when we need to lead alone (love this insight)

* my own story on the power shift I experienced 15 years ago from a small event, but one that had me in tears and led me to trust my instincts (I share the story on the show)

We also talk about Eleanor’s upcoming retreat in Phoenix, AZ (which I’m speaking at!), Your Million Dollar Messagewhere she will lead you through how to get clear on your message to have a voice at the table. (March 23-25, 2018. Learn more and grab a seat at yourmilliondollarmessageretreat.com)

On the show, Eleanor and I also discuss why we need to reshape the narrative of what it means to be a wealthy, successful woman, and how critical it is to surround yourself with a group of women who are leaders in their industry — it’s time to create that high-level tribe. (And this is one of the reasons, she shares, on why she joined my high-level Premier group.)

Don’t wait – this is a good one. So listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download for later).





P.S. I have room for 3 new members in my Premier group this year. Average revenues are well over $1M per member and we have powerhouse women from a variety of industries. If you resonate with what Eleanor says on the show about being part of ‘higher level tribes’ and are interested in learning more, go to glambition.wpenginepowered.com/coaching-consulting/

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