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Caroline Criado-Perez, Activist + Author of ‘Invisible Women’ — Glambition Radio Episode 180 with Ali Brown

The cars we buy, the drugs we’re prescribed, even the A/C settings in conference rooms — are determined by data. And disturbingly, most of this data stems from ‘objective scientific’ research that still today completely leaves out half of the population: women. On, author and activist Caroline Criado-Perez reveals the shocking impact on women of a world designed by (and for) for men, and how she decided to write ‘Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men’.
On #GlambitionRadio, Caroline also opens up about the frightening experience when her campaign for better women’s representation on English currency led to such a level of harassment on Twitter (death threats and worse) that the platform changed their complaint procedures as a result.

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Your Ego Loves False Metrics on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

‘Your Ego Loves False Metrics’ — Glambition Radio Episode 179 with Ali Brown

Join me for an upfront conversation this week on #GlambitionRadio to determine whether the metrics you are honoring in your business could actually be leading you down the WRONG path.

On this solo episode, I share some stories of metrics gone right… and wrong… including examples of both the new strategy Madonna is using for her tour and the grand fiasco of WeWork’s failed IPO. (Two opposite ends of the spectrum!)

I also disclose an important shift I made in the metrics I decided to STOP honoring and those I decided to START honoring, once I had my twins six years ago.

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Vicky Tsai on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Vicky Tsai, Founder + CEO of Tatcha — Glambition Radio Episode 178 with Ali Brown

The founder of skin care brand Tatcha (which I am currently obsessed with) reveals the behind-the-scenes story of how she built her global luxury beauty company, recently acquired for a rumored $500 million, today on started in 2009, when Vicky Tsai was desperately searching for products that didn’t aggravate her skin. She found answers in an unexpected place: a 200-year-old Japanese beauty manuscript detailing the generations-old skin care practices embraced by geisha.

Amazed by her healed skin, Vicky hired scientists and researchers so more people could experience these products (I was sold the first time I tried a Tatcha mask — I share that story in the episode).

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Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Jennifer Maanavi, CEO + Co-Founder of Physique 57 — Glambition Radio Episode 177 with Ali Brown

Physique 57 co-founder Jennifer Maanavi loved taking dance-inspired barre classes in New York City. The elegant, sophisticated movement suited her in a way the gym never did. So when the studio she loved suddenly closed, she knew someone had to keep this method alive. And she thought… ‘it might as well be me’.

Drawing on her MBA, Jennifer put together a business plan and recruited Tanya Becker, a star barre instructor. Within 20 minutes of their first meeting in 2006, Jennifer and Tanya realized they had the same vision: ‘to bring this method to women around the world’.

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Denise Duffield-Thomas on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Denise Duffield-Thomas, Money Mindset Mentor — Glambition Radio Episode 176 with Ali Brown

You CAN build a multi-million dollar business… simply. And Denise Duffield-Thomas has done it. Her powerful, lucrative ‘Money Bootcamp’ program made her a millionaire by age 35… without a huge team, mind-numbing funnels, or layers of unnecessary complexity.

And today, her business gives her plenty of ‘unbusy’ time with her husband and their three young children.

On Glambition Radio, Denise reveals how she built her seven-figure business (serving over 6,000 clients), and how she discovered her simple, six-word business model — along with some mistakes and detours she made along the way.

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‘The Myopic Business Epidemic’ — Glambition Radio Episode 175 with Ali Brown

I’m doing a bit of a RANT along with some educated observations on this solo episode of #GlambitionRadio, and the subject is the epidemic of *myopic* business owners. ‘Myopic’ basically means being nearsighted, lacking foresight, or lacking insight.

Especially within the current online madness, I still see too much ‘following the leader’ and not enough critical thinking. In many cases I’m seeing a lack of even ‘common sense’ thinking.

I see entrepreneurs who consider themselves ‘innovative’ locked into only improving the models that have worked in the past. They don’t even want to test new methods.

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Announcing the Glambition Radio Journal Giveaway! Special Fall Preview Episode — Glambition Radio Episode 174 with Ali Brown

We’ve got a lot of cool things coming up on #GlambitionRadio, so I decided to do a quick update episode for you that walks you through everything in one spot. Listen now to hear about the exciting new show schedule we’re taking on beginning this September, as well as a sneak preview of some of our powerful upcoming guests this fall — women leaders from a variety of fields who have grown their dreams to huge impact and incomes. (Many of these women are names you know or have founded brands you know!)

And then you’ll hear how YOU can get your hands on a special limited edition **Glambition Radio journal** that I had created especially just for my listeners!

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Congratulations to Our Glambition™ Radio iPad Mini Winner!

To celebrate my launch of Glambition™ Radio on iTunes this week (it’s currently one of the highest-ranking podcasts in the Business category!), I decided to giveaway an iPad Mini.

For a chance to win, I asked you to tell me ONE thing you’ve decided to do this year to help make you be more successful. The comments I received were off the charts!

Thank you to everyone for leaving such great responses. We had so many powerful comments from everyone that picking a winner was pretty difficult! So we narrowed down to the best, and then I had my team randomly draw a winner.

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Glambition™ Radio iPad Mini Giveaway!

I hope you have been enjoying listening to Glambition™ Radio on iTunes, my new weekly radio show for women that’s focused on the stories and advice from top women entrepreneurs and leaders.

I have something special for YOU… In celebration of the launch of Glambition Radio, I’m giving away a new iPad Mini! To have a chance to win, just leave a comment on this blog post and tell me ONE thing you have decided to do this year to help you be more successful!

Maybe it’s deciding to start your own business.

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