‘Your Ego Loves False Metrics’ — Glambition Radio Episode 179 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

‘Your Ego Loves False Metrics’ — Glambition Radio Episode 179 with Ali Brown

Your Ego Loves False Metrics on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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Join me for an upfront conversation this week on #GlambitionRadio to determine whether the metrics you are honoring in your business could actually be leading you down the WRONG path.

On this solo episode, I share some stories of metrics gone right… and wrong… including examples of both the new strategy Madonna is using for her tour and the grand fiasco of WeWork’s failed IPO. (Two opposite ends of the spectrum!)

I also disclose an important shift I made in the metrics I decided to STOP honoring and those I decided to START honoring, once I had my twins six years ago. And now those key metrics are changing yet again. The kids are in first grade and I have a newfound burst of energy while I am creating a brand new venture for 2020.

The bottom line is, the metrics you honor have to line up with your vision, and goals. But for many of us with that ‘comparisonitis’, we model others we think have the formula for success, without taking into consideration if that aligns with what we really want to create for ourselves and our specific audience.

Listen to this episode, and I invite you to take some time and look at the metrics you have been honoring, and ask if they are serving you or whether it’s time to honor some brand NEW ones. Catch it now at GlambitionRadio.com.

Warning: When you do this, it can be a hard adjustment. You may have to get used to things looking different in your business, and to outsiders. Even if the changes you are making guarantee you higher revenues and will suit you better, your ego will start SCREAAAAMING to go back. So you have to keep revisiting with yourself the reasons WHY you are making these changes.

So much of this is really just a mind game. And this is where most everyone STOPS because they can’t handle it! So listen to this episode for a strong new perspective. (BTW… we do an entire session on this at my #ICONICwithAliBrown event, coming up in November in Phoenix. If you’re established in your business and this elevated conversation interests you, have a look at IconicWithAliBrown.com and apply for one of the few seats remaining.)

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Show Notes:

*The Wall Street Journal article on Madonna’s new concert-ticket strategy
*The Fast Company article on WeWork’s IPO fiasco
*My client Jessica Lorimer’s upcoming London event ‘Converting Corporate‘ (She is one of my Premier coaching clients)
*Seth Godin on the ‘minimum viable audience

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