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Vicky Tsai, Founder + CEO of Tatcha — Glambition Radio Episode 178 with Ali Brown

Vicky Tsai on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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The founder of skin care brand Tatcha (which I am currently obsessed with) reveals the behind-the-scenes story of how she built her global luxury beauty company, recently acquired for a rumored $500 million, today on started in 2009, when Vicky Tsai was desperately searching for products that didn’t aggravate her skin. She found answers in an unexpected place: a 200-year-old Japanese beauty manuscript detailing the generations-old skin care practices embraced by geisha.

Amazed by her healed skin, Vicky hired scientists and researchers so more people could experience these products (I was sold the first time I tried a Tatcha mask — I share that story in the episode). Tatcha’s superfood-based skin care is so nourishing and effective, the company quickly became one of the fastest growing in the US.
On #GlambitionRadio, Vicky shares the story of meeting the geisha who inspired her skin care collection, and the risks she took to start her company. We also discuss:
*The first big decision she made to buy a container of 10,000 blotting papers while on a trip to Japan — and how she did it with NO money
*Vicky’s two-fold advice for taking care of your skin (I did not know about this before she told me, and it made me change my routine right away)
*Why every purchase of a Tatcha product helps fund girls’ education around the world, and how giving back has impacted Vicky’s outlook on leadership and entrepreneurship
*The story behind Vicky’s decision to sell her engagement ring to start her company (and what her husband thought of this idea!)
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Show Notes:

*More about geisha, Japanese women who perform traditional arts such as singing and dancing (contrary to popular belief in the west, geisha are not courtesans)
*Room to Read, the nonprofit supporting girls’ education that partners with Tatcha
*The one skin care product Vicky recommends above all others!

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