Jennifer Maanavi, CEO + Co-Founder of Physique 57 — Glambition Radio Episode 177 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Jennifer Maanavi, CEO + Co-Founder of Physique 57 — Glambition Radio Episode 177 with Ali Brown

Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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Physique 57 co-founder Jennifer Maanavi loved taking dance-inspired barre classes in New York City. The elegant, sophisticated movement suited her in a way the gym never did. So when the studio she loved suddenly closed, she knew someone had to keep this method alive. And she thought… ‘it might as well be me’.

Drawing on her MBA, Jennifer put together a business plan and recruited Tanya Becker, a star barre instructor. Within 20 minutes of their first meeting in 2006, Jennifer and Tanya realized they had the same vision: ‘to bring this method to women around the world’.

Thirteen years later, Physique 57 is a global luxury fitness brand with studios spanning across 5 countries (and more to come), from the US to India and Saudi Arabia.
Today on, Jennifer reveals how they built their renowned fitness company (before the days of social media and the boutique fitness trend), counting women like Sarah Jessica Parker and Kelly Ripa among their clients. She shares how then focusing on digital allowed for agile growth, and why expanding the franchise is their next goal (and why it’s important to them).
On #GlambitionRadio, we also discuss:
*What they did when their competition started copying them (from their name and branding to actual pictures of Tanya!)
*How their early adoption of the class packages model positioned them at the forefront of their industry (though it also came with significant challenges)
*What has become a distraction so they have decided to ELIMINATE it from their business model (this concept is so important)
*Why Physique 57 decided to open a location in one of the most challenging places for women in the world — Saudi Arabia
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Show Notes:

*Learn about Lotte Berk, whose exercise methods in the 1960’s inspire barre classes to this day
*Find information about Physique 57’s franchising opportunities here
*My previously mentioned interview with Ellen Latham, founder of Orangetheory Fitness on Episode 161 of Glambition Radio

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