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That ‘not so fresh’ feeling?

Remember when we all started our businesses, everything felt fresh and new, and the world was full of only opportunities and excitement? 

Like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, we just shouted ‘YES, yes, YES!’ 

Doors were opening everywhere. New people and new places.. big ideas and fast action. Things seemed to manifest instantly. It was all so much FUN. And it seemed simpler then too. 

Then, the years went by, and we got deeper into the ‘real’ world of business. We became older, wiser, and went through some rough spots. 

We have more at stake now. We may feel we have ‘more to lose’ while making big changes. 

Yes, we are more discerning, which is critical. But we also have gotten a bit tired, a bit jaded, or even a bit discouraged when it comes to making big changes, trying something really new, or following our soul’s calling to a new direction. 

>>> We start thinking, what is this really ALL about, anyway? 

Know this… ALL these feelings and transitions are completely normal, especially for female leaders who have been in the game for awhile. And especially at this time. 

We are being called higher.

Here are a few perspectives to consider… does one of these resonate?  

  • Practically…. what worked before simply doesn’t work now. It may take 10x more effort today to get the same results as before.  (Behind the scenes, there are direct confirmations of this happening inside more ‘guru’ businesses than you think.) 
  • You feel personally restless. You hate to admit it, but this  particular ‘creative cycle’ may be coming to an end. That doesn’t mean you have to blow up your business, but unless you honor what you’re feeling in some way, it can cause problems. The good news is you have a ton of options.
  • Everything’s working well, but you know something BIG is brewing to take it to a whole new level. 😉 You’re ready to finally think about that other interesting idea your mind keeps wandering back to – you know, the one that could be a game changer?

No matter which of these call to you, I know you’ve already proven yourself. And I’ll bet my Botox you’re craving to venture off the marked roads to a higher elevation and evolution.

It may look like more of the same. But I have a feeling… it could look like something brand new, that lights you up and turns you on again. And you’ll have those sleepless nights again… but for the RIGHT reasons. 😉 

So consider – is there a move you should make soon? Time to percolate. 

And… think about joining me LIVE in person for a discussion on exactly all of this, this fall. 

In just a week or so, I’ll be accepting applications for my annual ICONIC event, happening here in Phoenix on Nov. 2+3, 2022. But this opportunity is only for those on my Priority Notification List.

Helpful fact: You don’t need to be at 7-figures to join us, but ICONIC is not a beginner event. 

Even if you’re just curious, I suggest you ‘raise your hand’ here to learn more. Then you can get the full details and see if it’s a fit for you.

Aren’t you ready for a different kind of room? 😉


PS — Would you please forward this blog post to another accomplished woman you know? (Especially one whom you know is ready for something new.) This is the PERFECT event to attend with a colleague, friend, or clients.

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