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The ONE simple shift you need…

In 2018 I hosted a one-time workshop on creativity for entrepreneurs, after seeing so many of the women I worked with become locked into models that no longer served their futures.

My objective? To identify and then completely disrupt any set ways of thinking around what their business should look like to be successful.  

We sparked stimulating new ideas for their businesses using concepts from major creative companies like Apple and marketing from pop culture icons such as the Kardashians. 

We took their current revenue models and then worked up at least 10 other ways they could be generating even more profits

We took ideas they already had and spun them on their heads, in some cases then completely eliminating the challenges they thought they had in growing their business. 

The ideas, energy, and new ways of thinking that emerged during those two days was extraordinary. Participants shared they walked out with entirely NEW ways of thinking that they immediately applied to their current businesses. 

And best of all, they had a ton of FUN in the process.

It’s time to do it again, in just a few weeks on April 6+7, 2022 in Phoenix, AZ. 

My Creative Strategy Workshop is back, with a fresh new spin for our strange new world of 2022. 


Join me and only a few dozen other entrepreneurs who are ready to shake things up for their future success and their ways of thinking. 

Aren’t you craving something different this spring? 

Learn more + apply to join us today. 

But don’t wait, as there are limited seats available!  


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PS — If this isn’t a good fit for you at this time, would you do me a favor and forward this to another sharp entrepreneur you know who may be craving something different? 🙂  We want more people to know, as this is coming up fast! Thanks

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