Staying True with Barre3 CEO and Co-founder Sadie Lincoln — Glambition® Radio Episode 279 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Staying True with Barre3 CEO and Co-founder Sadie Lincoln — Glambition® Radio Episode 279 with Ali Brown

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In the fast-paced fitness industry, trendy new workouts steal the limelight regularly. But Sadie Lincoln, CEO and co-founder of Barre3, latched onto two secrets that have kept her franchised specialty fitness studios thriving since their inception 13 years ago: client connections and a consistent experience.

On today’s episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear how Barre3, known for their in-person fitness classes, was able to profitably navigate the past two years while remaining in service to their clients, and an  important lesson she took away from that experience. Sadie also opens up about receiving feedback that she wasn’t expecting to hear, and how creating boundaries with your team is imperative for any business leader. 

Sadie shares how to keep a brand fresh in a fast-changing industry, and why jumping on every new trend or fad can be the killer of your business. She compares her specialty barre studios to famously simple burger chain, In-and-Out, driving home the point that “sameness” and predictability in business can be sweet and is what keeps customers coming back time and time again.

Starting in 2008 with the flagship studio in Portland, Oregon, Barre3 has grown to 170+ franchise studios powered by female entrepreneurs, plus an online-workout streaming-subscriber base in 98+ countries. Sadie is on Inc.’s Female Founders 100 list, has been featured on NPR’s ‘How I Built This’, and speaks regularly on the topics of mindful leadership, the power of body wisdom, and the movement to redefine what success in fitness means. 

On this episode of Glambition Radio, you’ll hear:

  • How Sadie came up with the concept and vision for Barre3 after a career in fitness chain growth
  • The pros and cons of choosing a franchising model for your business – it can help you scale quickly and extend ownership to others, but there are many things to consider! 
  • How to respond to feedback you don’t always want to hear — especially when it’s from people who work closely with you
  • How saying “no” and abiding by her core values has kept the Barre3 brand growing and evolving for over a decade, while many other fitness facilities have been forced to close their doors. 
  • Also, how Sadie and I both share a past life teaching STEP in the 90s – you’ll love this story!Best of all, you’ll love Sadie’s final three pieces of advice for women entrepreneurs at any stage of business.

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