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ICONIC This Fall…

Often when I am working with my clients — these are women entrepreneurs whose revenues are typically in the 7- or 8-figures — and if I’m feeling some stuckness or resistance around their business, I will challenge them to this:

Most often the troubles and challenges they are experiencing are actually stemming from the fact they are THINKING TOO SMALL.

They are trying to fix a problem instead of working within their vision.

When we identify that and break through to the larger vision and purpose of what they really should be working on, it’s a tremendous RELIEF. They are not here to do things the regular way.

Their growth is about…

  • being nothing less than extraordinary.
  • doing often the opposite of everyone around them.
  • and stepping into their ICONIC work.

Now, is this what’s going on with you as well?

Are you mired in team issues, program conundrums, cash flow crunches, or other day-to-day snafus of your business?

If you’ve been stuck there a while, I want to challenge you to NOT keep your nose down to the desk any longer. You don’t need another ‘how to’ workshop.

Instead, I want to pull you up and away from your troubles, and reconnect you with your greatness as a leader. To rise above the madness, and think BIGGER and GRANDER… in your own perfect way. With a room of other amazing women.

From this place, all things will flow smoothly.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to ICONIC 3.0 this November 5+6 to do some powerful work together.

You can get on the Priority Notification List here.

—> A quick reminder of the facts:

Past events have sold out within days.
We have 80-90 seats MAX available this year.
25 of them have already reserved by my current Premier and repeat clients
So… I have a feeling seats won’t be available for long.

We’ll be opening registration soon, but ONLY to those on the Priority List, so even if you’re just curious, I suggest you ‘raise your hand’ here.



P.S. This year there will be even more to celebrate, with powerful new content, a special session on what’s working online (and not anymore), and a special guest keynote speaker whom with we are close to final contract! She’s one of the few women in the world to ever take her company to a BILLION-dollar exit.

No forced high-fives. No exhausting sessions. No beginner B.S.

Isn’t it time you raised the bar on the type of events in which you invest to attend?

See you here on the Priority Notification List.
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