Jean Chatzky, NBC Financial Editor and Author of 'Women With Money' — Glambition Radio Episode 163 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

Jean Chatzky, NBC Financial Editor and Author of ‘Women With Money’ — Glambition Radio Episode 163 with Ali Brown

Jean Chatzky on Glambition Radio with Ali BrownMoney. You want it, you love it, you need it, you make it, and you still have questions… What do I need to do to protect it? Why is it hard to talk about money? Why do I feel so emotional about it? And how do I find the right financial planner!?
The truth is, women are in a historic moment: We are the first generation in history to have the professional and financial opportunities we do right now. However, our responsibilities have increased dramatically as well. Besides work, we’re still shouldering the majority of responsibilities for child care, caring for aging parents, running the household… you know the story (and you’ve probably experienced the decision fatigue)!
Most women weren’t raised to have frank, financial discussions about how to plan for these financial opportunities and challenges… nor how to manage them.
That’s why you MUST hear this conversation with Jean Chatzky, the financial editor for NBC’s TODAY show and an award-winning financial journalist and author, in this powerful episode of #GlambitionRadio.
On the show, we discuss:
*Why women are uniquely challenged when it comes to building and managing wealth (good news: it’s NOT our fault!)
*The influx of wealth that many women need to prepare for, by building financial confidence and skills
*The relationship with money you need to truly feel happy – and the missing link about spending in so many money books out there
*What she did right over the course of her career (even when it was scary and she had no idea what she was doing!)
*Why you need to charge what you’re worth… ‘plus tax
*Jean’s unexpected (and fantastic!) parenting advice, that I’m going to use with my twins!
*How to find a great financial planner (and surprisingly, why Jean has one of her own)
Jean is the voice of reason we need in a world where women are building wealth and power, and need to build the chops to manage our money in a way that serves us, protects our families, and leads to the change this world needs.
LListen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download it for later). Make sure to get a copy of Jean’s latest book, ‘Women With Money’, wherever books are sold, and also tune in to Jean’s own podcast, Her Money’ (which I will be appearing on soon!).
Xo Ali
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