Cutting content, fitness icons, and unabashed femininity… - Glambition Radio

Cutting content, fitness icons, and unabashed femininity…

Did you catch these recent episodes of Glambition® Radio?

I wanted to send a quick update just in case you hadn’t. Because seriously this show just keeps getting better.

Amazing guests. Provocative topics. Powerful conversations.

Here are our latest episodes. Descriptions are below.

Here’s a bit about each of these episodes…

Chantelle Bruinsma – Meet my Australian client who’s made millions from her groundbreaking coaching programs specifically for dance studio owners… but only AFTER she CUT 60% of the content from her initial courses. What? Yes… it was the best thing she could have done. Chantelle Bruinsma, CEO and Founder of Studio Expansion, has solid advice that I want everyone to hear: simplify, simplify, simplify. You’ll hear in detail the dramatic changes she made to improve her program conversions and retention, and how she changed as a leader in her business as well.

Ellen Latham – Orangetheory Fitness has grown to 1,100+ studios across the U.S. and in more than 23 countries—in just 8 YEARS. Last year the company reached $1 BILLION in systemwide sales. But what I wanted to know was, how did founder Ellen Latham go from training clients out of her Florida home to collaborating with expert partners to franchise this fitness concept worldwide? On this episode of #GlambitionRadio, Ellen walks us through it all, step by step.

Kelsey Ramsden – She ticked off all the boxes, and even after being named Canada’s top female entrepreneur (twice!), she still felt frustrated and lonely. Talking with other entrepreneurs, Kelsey Ramsden realized she wasn’t the only one. So… she wrote the book on it — Success Hangover: Ignite Your Next Act. Screw Your Status Quo. Feel Alive Again. I SO agree with this conversation: It’s time to start giving ourselves permission to have very different goals every few years — what may have satiated us at the last stage of our careers will not (and should not) as we gain new perspectives, wisdom, and skillsets.

Amy Stanton + Catherine Connors – What if we brought more femininity to solving challenging situations… instead of repressing those traits? In this episode of #GlambitionRadio, co-authors of The Feminine Revolution: 21 Ways to Ignite the Power of Your Femininity for a Brighter Life and a Better World, Amy Stanton and Catherine Connors, discuss how to think about feminine qualities in a different way. In the well-reviewed book, these gals flip previously disparaged feminine traits on their head and turn them into traits to instead embrace.

Cathy Savage – Beginning in the ‘90s, my client Cathy Savage paved the way in competition coaching for women. But more importantly since then, she’s worked to shift the current industry’s oversexed focus back to where it should be: empowerment, athleticism, and health. Cathy has been featured on MTV, ABC News, and Fox News, and she is on the prestigious Advisory panel of and a contributor for Oxygen Magazine and Strong Magazine. In a revolutionary move, Cathy recently created her own fitness event where participants are celebrated for their health, instead of being judged. Cathy’s determination, passion, and “of course” attitude are sure to rub off on you while you listen to this #GlambitionRadio episode.

‘Your ICONIC 2019’ – There’s some powerful energy in the air for 2019 around creating what you REALLY want next. But there are some major moves you have to consider first to get there, and I’m sharing them with you on this special solo episode of #GlambitionRadio. My first recommendation may surprise you, and that’s not what to take on, but what to let go of. And I give you my special secret formula to identify those things quickly. You can’t move into your true ICONIC work until you decide what’s NOT up to par for you anymore. And I’m not even talking about habits, etc. I’m talking about what is ‘taking up room’ in your business model, for a start.

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Xo Ali

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