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When Shonda Rhimes came to AZ…

You know who Shonda Rhimes is, right?
She achieved almost everything a TV producer could hope for during her long run at ABC.
She evolved into not only one of the most prolific writer-producers in the business, but also a mogul, as the founder and head of her Shondaland production company.
ABC filled its entire Thursday night lineup with her shows — from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ to ‘Scandal’ and ‘How to Get Away With Murder’.
But there’s something I wanted to share with you here, because you can probably relate…
She shared during an interview that during this time of ultimate success, she was also getting… restless.
It was time for something new.
And a 9-figure offer from Netflix including open creative reign was the perfect place to jump.
Her problem, however?
She was now staring at a blank screen, expected to better her best.
She admitted she felt nearly out of ideas.
So — here’s the part I love! — she came to… Arizona.
It was HERE she chose to camp out for awhile, to get grounded for a new creative boost. And it led to her next BIG project.
I’ll be sharing more about Shonda’s process at my ICONIC event here on November 4+5.
And my biggest wish is that each of my 70-80 attendees will be refreshed and triggered for her next great work while she is here in AZ as well.
There’s always been something special about the energy here for me, as well as many of my clients.
There’s a strong groundedness in the desert – a calming but fortifying energy that you can use as needed to give yourself the ultimate ‘reset’.
When was the last time you attended an event that was less about piling on more ‘how-tos’ … and instead was about some brand new ‘what ifs’?
If this sounds enticing to you, we have a handful of seats remaining.
And be assured that while we do some pretty high-concept work at this event, we also dive into the very practical and immediate, with unbiased views of what’s working and not working right now in marketing, models, and messaging.
Have a look here.
And if ICONIC is not a fit for you, would you do me a favor and pass this on to another successful woman leader you know?
I’m looking for a few more amazing women leaders to round out our already powerful room of entrepreneurs averaging over $1.2 million in revenues each, including several in the 8-figure range.
It’s a truly extraordinary event… for extraordinary women leaders.

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