**REPLAY** Honoring Your Body's Cycles with Kate Northrup — Glambition® Radio Episode 265 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

**REPLAY** Honoring Your Body’s Cycles with Kate Northrup — Glambition® Radio Episode 265 with Ali Brown

Kate Northrup on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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Today I’m *resharing* last summer’s fantastic Glambition Radio interview with Kate Northrup, author of ‘Do Less’. Why? Because one year later, this conversation takes on an entirely NEW meaning and context, and it’s exactly what we as women need to hear right now...

If there’s one constant in life that women must attune to when the world feels so heavy, it’s the ‘inner knowing’ of our bodies. This is the place from which all truth is processed + received (not to mention how we generate profit, which you’ll hear in the episode).

Today on Glambition Radio, Kate enlightens us on the eternal wisdom and silent power of our body’s natural cycles, and how we can rely on this innate rhythm to enhance our daily lives. From increasing business profit with ease, to understanding what creates optimal health for us and our family, and even how to plan our days… this is one conversation that could seriously transform how you operate in the world.

Kate is the author of two books including Do Less, and ‘Money: A Love Story’. Her adventures—and misadventures—with wellness and prosperity, recognizing truth, being raised by an ‘outlier’ mother (whom you’ll recognize as a pioneer in women’s wellness), and nurturing her own relationship with her body’s wisdom combined for her revolutionary approach to productivity and energy management for ambitious women.

On this episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear:

  • How women’s inner rhythms carry a wisdom that far surpasses the logic and sense of our minds (truly, thinking only gets you so far… and can actually hold you up!)
  • The incredibly useful and predictable inner-cycles that drive both women AND men—and how tapping into these four phases can have a massive impact on wellness, abundance, and ease
  • Why Kate’s unconventional upbringing was a harbinger of womanly wisdom—and how questioning everything helped her recognize the ONLY truth that matters (this was important in 2020, and especially so NOW)
  • Why relaxation is the key to receptivity—and how Kate’s business experienced a *shocking* increase in profit with LESS effort when she relied on THIS cycle (have you tried this yourself?)
  • The secret ‘code’ that will crack open life’s operating manual (great news: it’s already installed within each of us!)

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