“A Creative Boost” — Glambition Radio Episode 136 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

“A Creative Boost” — Glambition Radio Episode 136 with Ali Brown

A Creative Boost! on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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For years—in both school and organizations we’ve worked in—we’ve been programmed to always have the right answer, instead of asking the right questions. But it’s the right questions that lead to better answers. Creative and critical thinking will set you up for more profound ideas and breakthroughs in your business—guaranteed. And this solo episode of Glambition Radio is my short primer to help you begin to regain this lost art

Remember, in our world, creative = more profits, more excitement and fulfillment, and more opportunities. All good, all around. As I taught at my last workshop, ICONIC, it’s increasingly important to be thinking differently than everyone else in your industry, to continually be positioned in your own unique category. 

While you may have separated creativity and your business in the past, it’s becoming critical that you think outside the box ongoing when it comes to both your ventures and your career.

The ideas I’m bringing you in this episode are deceivingly simple. But these skills have been neglected in our increasingly information-obsessed culture of “more, now, faster, bigger” business.

This episode is also a sneak preview of some of the content for my upcoming Creative Strategy Workshop, happening April 10+11 in Phoenix, AZ. We have a few seats left, and you can learn more and join us at www.CreativeStrategyWorkshop.us. Among the current registered attendees, average revenues per head are well over $1M. (It’s going to be a powerful crowd.)

I was working on the content for CSW during my recent stay in Sydney, Australia, and thought, “I know my listeners would love some of this – let me do a special show!” So I hope you enjoy it.

On this episode, I cover:

* Why creating space is increasingly important for how you think, but hard to achieve for many women (I give you a few tips on how to start)

* How most coaches simply push you harder versus give you critical new ways to approach your challenges and opportunities

* One big shift in thinking I helped a client create on the spot that resulted in a huge new opportunity for her (this move totally transformed a problem into a huge benefit)

* It’s time to regain that childlike curiosity you used to have (before you became over-processed, overworked, and jaded ;))

* Why it’s critical you spend time with people outside your industry and read material from outside your industry as well

* Where Howard Schultz got his idea for the concept of Starbucks (hint: it wasn’t at his desk)

This is an easy-to-digest 20-minute episode, and I guarantee it will give you just the “fresh thinking” boost you need. I also hope you’ll explore claiming one of the last few seats at my upcoming Creative Strategy Workshop at www.CreativeStrategyWorkshop.us. It would be great to meet you and work with you in person.



I know you’ll get a lot out of this episode. So listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download for later).


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