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The Old Way vs The New Way — Glambition® Radio Episode 287 with Ali Brown

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Right now there are battles going on around the world, on every level, in every way. But they are also a mirror for what’s going on within *ourselves*.


We are trying to solve problems with the same mindsets + systems that created them. And we are caught in an endless loop of madness. I do see and feel that so many are finally realizing that a *massive change* is needed. But… how does that apply to YOU, and your world of creation? 


It’s been a while since I did a solo episode of #GlambitionRadio, so I wanted to start the summer with a bang! AND I’m  sharing a few *exciting updates* on some opportunities that YOU can participate in with me later this summer and fall. 


The theme in the air? Our old ways versus the new. Old ways of doing, being, and transforming are making way (gently or abruptly) for new, better ways. And I don’t just mean incremental improvements – I’m talking about totally walking away from what never really suited us in the first place. We are here to create the new. And the female entrepreneurs are the ones leading the charge in so many categories. 


On this episode of Glambition Radio, you’ll hear:

  • How to honor who you really are, step into your genius, and do business YOUR way – finally, without comparison or apology 
  • My take on how to ‘win’ these battles happening in the world… and internally (they are mirroring each other right now) 
  • The aspect of business that many 7+8 figure business leaders are currently experiencing the most turmoil and transition in
  • How to lean into your intuition and identify what you are resisting to make revolutionary changes in your life and business

Be sure to listen until the end, where I share my exciting announcements for the summer (hint: I’m doing something different with the podcast!) and a NEW private event coming for 7+8 figure founders who would like to learn more about The Trust.


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